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Long and Short Population Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Population in simple term refers to the number of people residing throughout a particular area. It’s the count of the number of persons living at intervals during a specific region. It’s reached an academic degree dread rate in some countries. Overspill on population is common due to many causes like illiteracy, improper knowledge of coming up with, migration from fully completely different places.

India’s population has crossed 1.2 billion and it’s the second position after China. Presently this figure might be on the increase and in the near future, it’ll surpass that of China. The government ought to pay further to provide the elemental things at the sponsored rate to cater to the large population of below poverty line customers.

As Government is providing grant on basic items, it’s left with a stripped amount to be used in, the process comes aiding to the growth within the economy. The government has fewer amounts to pay on social services like education, hospital, housing, infrastructure, etc. that are essentially required for a progressive country. Therefore, the planned growth of our economy desires some effective check on population explosion.

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Illiteracy is the main cause within the country for the increment. People living below poverty line (BPL) don’t appear to be tuned in to the consequence of this increment owe to their illiteracy. People assume that further children mean they’ll earn extra cash for the family whereas not realizing its impact.

The government has taken varied initiatives to educate the oldsters regarding the benefits of coming up with. Some major steps are noted here: the government has amended the law and stuck the minimum age for the marriage of boy and woman. It’s creating awareness among people regarding the importance of coming up with, equality of boys and girls, by varied advertisements on TV, posters within the village, etc. It’s promoting the education of the child by taking minimum fees, providing free mid-day meal, free uniform, books, etc.

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Overpopulation is the main reason behind the state within the country. We are able to see that for any examination or vacancy, countless applications are received. It’ll increase the competition and usually, people use the bribe to urge the duty. It put together can increase the corruption at intervals the system that’s India’s growing concern. It may even be the most important reason behind the destruction of a nation. We ought to come out with effective solutions to the matter and reshape our nation.

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