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Long and Short Road Accident Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

A road accident can be referred to an accident involving at least one road vehicle, occurring on a road open to public transportation, and in which at least one person is injured or killed. Intentional acts such as murder or suicide and natural disasters do not fall within road accident. Accidents on the roadside can be controlled if the people are more careful in observing the traffic rules and if they practice a little more patience.

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Lack of discipline is the biggest reason behind road accidents. Most of us are aware of the rules but we just don’t follow them as we should. The most common rule which we often neglect is wearing of helmets and fastening of seat belts while traveling. This simple precaution can save us from serious injuries in case the engine goes out of control, and this simple safety measure is easy to follow.

One should not cross a railway crossing when it is closed but people don’t give any attention to it. It is a usual sight to see bikers and cyclists pushing their vehicles from under the closed bars. It is very difficult to understand why one would risk his or her life, just in order to save 5 or 10 minutes. If we want to reach our office or home in time, then it is the best idea to move out little early.

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Another major cause of road accident is the use of mobile phone while driving or while crossing the road. It is found among many drivers to find chatting on their mobile phones while they are driving. This heightens the risk of road accident and it is not advisable to talk over the phone even if they use earpiece or Bluetooth because one can easily get distracted. Even listening to music or radio is also not advisable while driving because it can be a cause of distraction.

There are also some factors which are not under our control. For example, in situations of bad roads, bad weather, stray animals, drunken pedestrians, etc. it is very difficult to keep everything within control. Of course, these factors are not under our control but if we take proper precautions, we can minimize accidents on the road.

Having observed many cases we can say that most of the road accidents could be avoided or their effect could be minimized if proper precautions were taken into consideration. It is not that people don’t know how to avoid accidents, the main problem is that people are too lazy to take safety measures even for their own lives.

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