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Perfect Long and Short Essay on Role Model for School and Colleges’s Students

Role Models play a very vital role into our formation as students and kids. They are the people we follow and try to emulate their behavior, their personality and above all desire to be like them. We are accustomed to admiring individuals both in media and real life, making them as Role Model. There are numerous people who inspire us in our daily life, in our own circumstances. The sources of inspiration are our teachers, the famous personality in sports, the freedom fighters of our nations etc; gradually become our role model.

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Thus, a Role Model can be defined as an individual we look up to and who greatly influence our life. They are the people who become the object of motivation despite the challenging moments in our life. We draw inspiration from their life and the hurdles they themselves felt at certain moments. We apply it in our own circumstance and strive to rejuvenate ourselves in their shoes. These personalities, we make as our role model are themselves shaped by the many events of life and stand as examples to do the right thing always. This is the blessing that they are being the role model, leaving behind for the younger generation.

As students it is imperative to have the right role model, who will inspire us to become the best version of ourselves in their footpath. Just like, the type of books we read makes us what we will be; likewise, the type of role model we choose will make us the person we want to be. Thus it is best to make the positive choices and keep building ourselves in the right perspective of life. it should be a kind of life filled with sensitivity to the needs of others. And also, one that enlarges the spirit of universal brotherhood at all times.

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We hear of great people and their role models. All great people have had their role models from an early age. As students we are not far, rather it is the right time to choose the role model, and be the person which the world will remember forever. Nations are shaped by great personalities; we can strive to be one, in shaping the nation with our goodness, in imitation of our role models. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation, has ample of things to teach, take him as your role model. His personality is worth knowing and applying it into our situation.

Let’s make the world a better place to live in, with making the great personalities as our role model.

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