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Long and Short Role of Youths in Nation Building Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

As the famous lines says “Child is the father of man”, youth although does not form the majority of the population, are the most vital elements for the continuity of a nation. The future of the nation consists in the quality of youth it has. Being the crucial part of the nation, the role of youth in the nation building is tremendous and fundamental. A great emphasis is placed on the power youth has. Youth have the great potency and energy to transform the nation from ruins into a monumental work. The principles of Kinetic we learn in Physics, is the semblance that the youth are embodied with. It can be utilized for constructive purpose as well as for destructive purpose for the nation.

Well informed youth makes the nation proud, and seeks to the development of the nation in all the aspects. History has many amazing record of the role- youth has played in the process of nation building.

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Youth have the earnest spirit to give to the nation all their capacity and are ready to risk. The amount of sacrificing spirit is tremendous in them and can be very well utilized in the building of the nation. It is common observed phenomena, that at times of the occurrences of riots, youth are utilized to disseminate the propaganda of the different organization. They not only participate but also make outmost effort to fulfill it. If disharmony can be so well spread, just imagine what impact youth can have in this democratic country. The collective voice will be the most powerful of all, and will dispel off the discord.

The responsibility towards the building of the nation can be natured effectively with the right oriented education, rather than being shadowed to fulfill the expectation of certain biased groups. Realizing that youth have a fundamental role in the nation building, the sense of getting optimistic solution to the problems confronted, is the right approach that can be made. The greater the understanding youth has on the current situation, and be able to find pragmatic responses to them, the more credible the nation becomes in shaping the solidarity between nations.

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The most daunting thing is that, numerous youth have not been able to realize the role that they have. Not being able to find the role to be played in life makes it more vulnerable to the progress to the nation. Every youth that is disoriented becomes a hindrance to the nation building. Therefore, getting inspiration to what makes the world better is the right role youth must acquire in the nation building.

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