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Long and Short Science and Technology Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Science and technology is a familiar topic that we hear almost every day. Our daily life is affected and effected by it. From dawn to dusk we see and experience science and technology. We rise to greet the day when we hear the alarm clock, order food online, watch the news, talk to people over the phone and we retire to bed listening to music; all these tell us how necessary science and technology is in our day to day to day living.

Advancements in science and technology are gradually changing the way we live and connect with people and things. They are key agents to development in health, economy, education, and employment in society. Life is made easy with the help of science and technology as it serves to produce better medical facilities and affordable means of transport and communication. It plays a vital role in raising the living standards of people and eradicating poverty in the world by creating sustainable and economic goods which are accessible even to the poor folks in rural areas.

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The world is made into a global village with the help of science and technology. Computers and internet facilities have transformed simplified our life. They enabled affordable and accessible services in social welfare, education, and public healthcare. The world is brought into our phones through the use of internet and with the cellular data facility, we are able to span the world and move to different unknown places with the help of the Global Positioning System.

Science and technology have made the world just one click away. Everything is just ready to be unveiled just as we click a button on the keyboard. Every knowledge is accessible to us only if we are willing to browse and find. A thing of so great a need must be developed, promoted and transferred from generation to generation. In order to promote the countries must invest in imparting quality education, providing skills training programmes and updating syllabus in schools and other institutions.

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India is playing its role in promoting science and technology. The most recent development is the initiative to conduct Mission Shakti on March 27, an anti-satellite missile test with great success.

As we have known the benefits to science and technology it is our responsibility to promote it for the betterment of our life. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology for making our life a heaven on earth.

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