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Long and Short Secularism Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

The Indian Constitution provides us with India as a secular state. It is a land of varied religions and cultures that have co-existed in harmony for thousands of years. India is unity in diversity and this has been the strength and basis of our country. This inclusive nature of our nation is what sets it apart from any other country in the world.

The concept of secularism was included, adapted and enacted in the Indian Constitution in the year 1976 with the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution. However, its interpretation in Indian context is still vague and unclear even among the courts and the experts because of the connotation we give to it. The meaning we give to it is different as compared to the interpretation of secularism in the West.

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The concept of secularism as understood in India is a stark contrast to the Western interpretation of secularism. In the West it is based on freedom of religion, the separation of state and religion, equal citizenship to all the citizens regardless of their religion. The Western differs on the concept because in the West secularism deals with total non-interference of state and religion in the functioning of each other. The power rests with the state and it is authorised to curtail the rights if the religion is causing hindrance in the smooth functioning of state. On the other hand, in India the main focus is laid on an inclusive form of secularism by allowing the individual to enjoy their Fundamental Rights while creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The concept is not restricted to the question of how the religious groups are to be treated rather it is on the liberty the state offers the individual to profess and practice any religion.

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India has always found it difficult to explain the term secularism in action. The main idea behind adding secularism in the constitution lies in its purpose to build friendships with varied social groups and overcome xenophobia that is corrupting the social fabric of the Indian society. In a wider sense a country like India where differences exist in terms of religions and cultures, it is necessary to strike at the root of xenophobia rather than focusing on the way the state relates with such religious disparities. The role of the state also needs to be curtailed and focus on planting deep rooted ties not only between different religions but also amongst different cultures, ethnic groups, regional disparities, language, and caste. The state should encourage and promote freedom of religion and should take measures to curb problems related to differences in religion and religious principles.
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