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Long and Short Technology Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Technology could be called a “science of craft”. It’s the gathering of techniques, skills, methods, and processes utilized in the assembly of products or services or within the accomplishment of objectives, like a scientific investigation. It may be the collection of techniques, processes, and the like, or it may be embedded in machines.

The term technology has been derived from the Greek words ‘techne’ and ‘logos’. ‘Techne’ suggests that the ability needed to craft one thing and ‘logos’ stands for data or discussion concerning one thing. Technology so suggests that the utilization of data to form one thing to reinforce life. Many huge and little things we have a tendency to use in our everyday lives are associate degree outcome of technological development.

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The simplest style of technology is the development and use of basic tools in the early times. The prehistoric discovery of the way to management hearth and therefore the later Neolithic Revolution exaggerated the obtainable sources of food, and therefore the invention of the wheel helped humans to travel in and manage their surroundings.

Scientists conduct analysis and experiment with various things to come up with newer concepts. Technologists use these concepts to develop newer devices. Individuals currently have adult very aware of the utilization of those technological inventions that they merely cannot do while not them. They expect the launch of newer and additional advanced devices. Individuals look forward to the new models of mobile phones and cars and replace them very often.

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Most of people are unable to strike a balance between technology and nature. You need to not go overboard with any of the two modes of living. It’s understandable that you simply cannot clean up on your laptop computer or avoid exploitation of your mobile. However, you’ll actually place it aside when you are together with your family and friends.
Instead of exploiting elevator or escalators it’s recommended to walk the steps. Conjointly for motion little distances, it’s better to go walking instead of overusing your vehicle. In this manner, you’ll not only have physical activity but also will do your bit to manage the conveyance pollution.

Technology offers us convenience and thanks to the numerous straightforward sources of comfort and amusement it offers. However, being one with the character is not any less rapturous. Maintain a balance between the two and you’ll see how your life changes permanently. We have the power to choose either to exploit technology for our use or be enslaved by it.

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