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The perennial issue faced by in the city life is traffic jam. By definition, it is a condition which is caused by the influx of vehicle on the road. This is the most regular phenomenon in the cities in the recent times. Traffic jam occurs when vehicles stop in a location for a certain period of time. It is becoming an issue which requires an adequate response. The consequence of traffic jam manifests itself in the form of time consumption for a route which can be covered in few minutes. Getting stranded in traffic jam lessens the rate of productivity in any field, as it takes much of the time, which can be fruitfully utilized.

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It is the daily problem we face while going to school and work. The schedule gets disrupted with this interruption of traffic jam. Very many at times, we are not able to be there for urgent meetings or even miss vital part of our business hours. More so it delays much of the work, which should have be done on the particular day. Many deliveries get delayed and organizations suffer heavy losses eventually. Hence, it is prime concern to find a better solution to the reduction of this condition. Traffic jam has lots of vicious circle, with one leading to another.

The saddest part of traffic jam is the concern on health and emergency duty. There are numerous occasions which could have been prevented and attended, but with delayed time it was not remedied. Health emergency can have drastic effect, for instance, if patient needing immediate operation gets caught in traffic jam, the consequence will be of life. We do observe when ambulances, get stranded helplessly in the traffic jam. Another instance could be of Fire prevention. Occasion have risen in the recent past, on how the damaged could have been attended, but with this condition of delay, the matter gets worst and has disastrous effect as well.

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As it has the most constructive response which can be taken, would be one of sensitivity. Sensitivity can be of great help to avoid this congestion of vehicle. Government has take ample of measure to eradicate this problem, but it is not effective unless and until we take the responsibility to help alleviate the situation. There has been increasing amount of private vehicles; the first step would be to take public transport in the rush hours. This malady can be cured by us for we are the one who cause it. Thus, this calls for greater sense of sensitivity to the needs of others, and traffic jam will no longer by an issue any more.

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