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Long and Short Train Journey Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Train journey is the most wonderful experience anyone can have, if one loves traveling. It could also mean a great adventure to embark into. Although there are faster means of transport these day, namely, flights which can cover long distance in shorter duration of time and money. Yet, despite the sophistication of flights which invites appealingly, train journey is something which gives a whole new wave of experience. If you haven’t taken one in your life time, try once, it will leave a greatest impression into your life.

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I love the moment of train journey, which infuses into me the thrill of great adventure. The adventure starts from finding the right train at the right time and in the right platform. It is challenging to locate the trains, especially if there are number of platforms. Take for example the railway station of Delhi, there are number of paths to the various platforms, if you have not the right clue to board the train, nervousness is imminent. This does not end here, in the crowded stations it is often the most difficult effort to find a place to seat in the train. If you are without reservations, it is worth the fun, having to stand all through the journey.

Train journey besides its adventure, has great amount of important things to be learned from. Many famous authors go in train journey to get inspiration for their writings. Needless to say, they have produced and found priceless inspirations, which they have not found while flying off by air. Great pieces of works flowed from many famous authors in the course of train journey. Like them, Train journey has lessons for each one of us, provided we are open to catch hold of them at the right time. One gets enough time to go deep into ones thoughts, and begin to explore the very recess of ones being. More so, these moments becomes the ultimate fountain of great inspiration, as we behold the outside objects slide by as a continuous chain of images. We pass through many places, and each becomes so meaningful.

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Besides, train journey is the best moment to observe the busy world from a perspective. We encounter people from all walks of life, we come to know their characters, their attitudes, and it tells us lot about them. They mirror us, and our many personalities. It is through mingling and relationship that life becomes more refined, and becomes creative. Train journey is the journey that can change the attitude of a person remarkably.

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