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Long and Short Unemployment Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Unemployment or joblessness may be a state of affairs at intervals that the qualified people are looking for employment however cannot find employment. Unemployment is that the state of affairs of these folks are willing to try and do works however couldn’t be ready to meet with their demand and qualifications. Many of us largely youth population face this drawback for a few years in our country as a great population stands things of competition all around.

Lack of interest of individuals towards agricultural and industrial sectors is also a major problem of the state. People who littered with the crisis of state got to face numerous issues like physical and mental harassment and depression, social abuse, forced to decide on or settle for the incorrect approach of obtaining money in sort of crime and violence.

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Unemployment can be curbed if and when the citizens are willing to observe the dignity of labour. Most of the people are unwilling to begin with menial works. Human respect is a thing that stands between the unemployed and employed. If we keep on looking only for white coloured jobs then we might not get the job served on a gold platter. Sometimes we have to humble ourselves and begin with lowly jobs.

There are many who are employable yet unemployed. Why is this happening? It is because we are not willing to lower ourselves and think of ourselves too highly. We forget that there are millions of people with similar degrees. Those who are willing to put aside their human respect have already secured themselves with jobs and economic stability.

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There is a way to solve this problem of unemployment. This social evil can be put to an end if we are keen enough to earn our living by employing ourselves in works at home or in the streets. If we look only for high profile category jobs we might as well remain unemployed. Most of the richest people are not government servants, they are people who used to creativity and employed themselves in working out their minds.

Therefore, we should do our bit to curb this issue of unemployment by starting to make ourselves employed in small ways. Self-employment is the solution to this social evil. If we are self-employed then there would be no problem of unemployment in the country and the world at large. Let us begin to employ ourselves in whatever we possibly can and we would see that unemployment is controlled in some measure.

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