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Long and Short Untouchability Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Untouchability is the practice of alienating a particular group of people based on their caste and other social status. It is one of the many evil outcomes directly arising out of the caste system in India. It has been present in India for centuries and it is considered to be one of the most heinous social evils.

Untouchability is a practice so ancient that it is already embedded tightly onto the roots of many people in India. People divided in the name of such petty social practices are too blind to see the bigger picture and refrain from treating everyone as equals. It is the thought processes and opinions of certain immature people that have led to the way in which the low caste people are treated.

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Different terms are used across the world to address these people who are the victims of the evil practice of untouchability such ‘Cagots’ in Europe and ‘Dalits’ in Asia. Various brave people with farsighted vision have strenuously fought against this absurd unethical practice. Even after decades of independence, India is still not totally free from this social evil. Some of those great people are Vinoba Bhave, B.R. Ambedkar, and Mahatma Gandhi. ‘Harijan’ which means ‘children of God’ was the term coined by Mahatma Gandhi himself. This was the term widely used to refer to the people of the oppressed classes or the Dalits. Despite their efforts, some parts of the society still believe in practicing untouchability. The young generation should take care to fight for its complete abolition and justify the struggles of the past leaders.

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Untouchability was one of the many evils of the society against which our leaders of independent India kept fighting on without much positive result. All people should be treated equally in the eyes of law and no one should be discriminated under any circumstances based on race, colour, caste, etc. This lesson on equality should be taught to children at home and in schools. They should be taught about the importance and dignity of various jobs in the society. Seeds of sensibility, generosity and equality should be sown into them when their minds are still tender. Anything that is standing on the way to social development should be done away with. The basic respect for another human being should be inculcated to all from childhood. Above all, the first step toward learning to respect others is by respecting oneself.

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