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Village life has the most essential element of Freshness, which lacks in the city life. The natural beauty which makes up the village is remarkably the most unique of all. Although, there is not much of an opportunity in the village life, yet by and large, it is the perfect place one can enjoy the bounty of nature. There is great combination of silence and the feeling of unique blending of very many aspects are life has it beginning. People love to make trips or plan for a gateway into the villages to enjoy at the bosom of nature. It becomes the cherished time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.

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Village life has a great purpose to create the rejuvenation into human beings. Discovering the goodness of little things in the village life creates many ripples of loving communion with self. I find it the most memorable to relish the life in the village, and how my heart longs to go back to it and be drenched with the beauty it has. People in the village live a life of great simplicity, and they are closer to the understanding of signs of time.

Village life has many things to teach a person. The lessons learnt become the foundation for a successful life. This life is associated with healthy living. It is rather less heard of people suffering from major health problems in the villages. This is because village life is built with the freshness that is so rich to give effective results to the body. Many prefer to go to the village to recuperate after ill-health. Thus it can be seen that village life restores the health and gives the person life in fullness. The longevity of life is seen to be more in the villages. The old people have the right sight and strength to carry on with the assistance of the other.

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If we look into the city life, all the things we use and utilize aren’t fresh. Unlimited amount of preservatives are used in the food we eat, and they are not hygienic either. The consequence is that we suffer from lot of health issues, and there has been an increase of hospitals in the city life. On the contrary, village life has no or less hospitals, as the food intake is fresh from the garden, with no chemicals used. The richness of air in the village life cannot be compared with anything.

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