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Long and Short Women Empowerment in India Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Women empowerment suggests that giving girls their due place within society. Women are suppressed, laden and beaten since centuries, area unit currently stepping bent on produce associate degree identity of their own. They have to be inspired and empowered during this new endeavour of theirs. However, sadly some sections within the Indian society area unit against this new found freedom of the ladies.

One of the most important barriers in girl’s empowerment is that the general mental attitude of our society, in step with that girls are expected to require care of their family and mean chores. A girl is taken into account virtuous providing she keeps her house clean, cooks for her family takes excellent care of her youngsters and husband and serves the elders within the family. Because the girls begin to travel out and work, they’re burdened with the many duties of their family further because of the job responsibilities.

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Taking care of the family and therefore the mean chores have continuously been thought of to be the prime responsibility of girls. Since times old girls are confined to the homes to make sure they don’t neglect these duties and remains hooked into the male members of the house so can exercise management on them and exploit them at will. Currently that the ladies have started going bent on work they need money freedom however during a manner have doubled their duties and responsibilities. They currently ought to fulfil their mean responsibilities further as earn. The male members of our society don’t share the non-public or mean responsibilities. This becomes one among the most barriers to girl’s empowerment. This can be the rationale why most ladies leave their jobs post wedding or once having youngsters.

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Girls are troubled and exploited in several ways that by the male staff at workplaces. They hesitate traveling alone throughout the late evening hours as our roads aren’t safe for them. They are conjointly hesitant in happening business tours worrying regarding their safety. All this hinders their performance and is yet one more barrier to women’s employment.

Women empowerment within the true sense wouldn’t be attainable if such crimes against girls don’t stop. The mental attitude of the male members of the community must be modified to assist girls to rise and shine. There should be a change in the way we look at women. We should learn to see and accept them as equals.

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