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Long and Short Wonders of Science Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

The modern age can be named the age of Science. It’s progressing in various fields of life. We should consider it to be the boon and blessing to human beings. It has our life easier and comfortable. It plays a vital part in our way of life. It has greatly modified and changed the lifestyle man from early times. It is not wrong to say that science is our sensible servant and that we cannot live without it. From among the uncountable wonders of science, we can name a few like electricity, television, laptop, etc.

Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of science. It’s brought the revolution in man’s life. It serves humanity in many ways. It lights our homes, road, and offices. It provides us cool and heat air. It runs our machines, factories, and workshops. If electricity is not invented, our life may have been a burden.

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Science has given us several quickest means of transport. Buses, cars, and planes have created our travels easier and better-off livelihood. On a daily basis scientists have reached on the moon and another planet by the space vehicle. With the assistance of phone, wireless, telegraphy, fax Email, and net the planet contracted into a tiny low village. In modern days mobile has modified the lifestyle of a person.

Science has given us several new and lifesaver medicines. These will cure and forestall several diseases like T.B, variola major and cancer are controlled open surgical process and heart transplantation became doable. Bioscience remains to attempt exhausting to eradicate AIDS.

Science has made-up several suggests that of agriculture. Use of fertilizers higher quality seeds has inflated productions of crop and brought about a revolution. New tools like tractors, harvesters, have progressive effects on agriculture.

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The computer is the latest invention of science. It’s resolved our several issues and problems. All work is finished by the laptop in offices. Science has extremely served man, however, on the opposite hand, it’s given us several dangerous weapons of war like atom and atomic bombs. They’ll destroy the entire world within a few seconds. So we are able to say Science may be a sensible servant however a foul master.

If we are able to say that science is our trustworthy servant. It’s created a brand new society. It’s given us a scientific outlook. It’s the rear boon of our progress. Man is referred to as the master of the planet attributable to science, thus it ought to be used for the good thing about human beings.

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