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Long and Short Zoo Essay in Hindi for School/College’s Students

Zoo is a construct, which consist of animals placed in the enclosures, with the conditioned environment required for them to live. It is mainly for people to see the different species of animals. The animals in this place are not the likes of those animals found in our locality or our homes. The idea of zoo is an old practice, which had been of existence in the olden days. Animals from the forests were kept for the rest of the population to see. This establishment provides the requisite care for the animals, which otherwise is not possible in the other wild reserves or sanctuaries.

Zoo is the place to save a lot of species which are at the verge of extinction. There a records of great list of animals which are saved like, polar bears, giant panda gharial etc. These species are not only saved from extinction, but also given the best of care in a safe and comfortable environment. It thus becomes a habitat which the animal gets acclimatized and procreates to end extinction.

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Zoo is a wonderful medium to educated and teach the younger generation with the most general collection of the animals found. It plays a very vital role in imparting message to the younger generation to be good to the animals and preserve them from extinction. Students find it amusing to learn the different variety of animals that exist and are able to see for themselves before their eyes. It becomes the way to relating in the natural environment without having to go in the forest to seek them.

There are many TV channels which broadcast the behavior of animals. This however makes difference when one goes to see it for himself/herself. A lot of lessons can be learnt from watching these animals, who, though wild in nature do have compassion which they manifest. The behavior of the animals shows the type of tendencies which man has in the innate-disturbed self. Men tend to behave as the animals, rude and uncaring to the others around.

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In conclusion, zoo is the right way to foster the protection of those endangered species. It extends the life of those species for more decades to see. India has a great list of zoo which caters to the interest of the animals. They are placed under great care and surveillance to protect them from any impending calamity. Zoo keeps the animal safe.

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