English Grammar

General English Questions and Answers – Set 1

Q1. He lives _____ Malabar street.
A. at
B. across
C. in
D. onto

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Right Answer: at

Q2. He was stabbed ____ a lunatic with a dagger.
A. from
B. on
C. off
D. by

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Right Answer: by

Q3. I have eatern nothing ____ yesterday.
A. from
B. past
C. since
D. till

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Right Answer: since

Q4. Pick out the appropriate word to join the two sentences given below.
I was tired.
I took the class.
A. yet
B. and
C. so
D. since

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Right Answer: yet

Q5. Napoleon said. “God is always on the side of the strongest battalions. He is always on the side of the best prepared, the best trained, the most vigilant, the pluckiest and the most determined.
What does the word ‘Pluckiest’ mean?
A. Courageous
B. Cowardly
C. Luckiest
D. Timid

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Right Answer: Courageous

Q6. The advocate skvortskoff looked at the ragged begger, who had been singing in a Russian choir and was sent away for drunkenness.
What is the meaning of ‘ragged’ in the passage?
A. Simple
B. Torn
C. Cheap
D. Thin

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Right Answer: Torn

Q7. Pick out the appropriate word to join the two sentences given below.
He was found guilty.
He was punished.
A. but
B. therefore
C. although
D. before

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Right Answer: therefore

Q8. He comes to see us ______ day.
A. none
B. little
C. few
D. every

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Right Answer: every

Q9. Find the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.
A. Confined
B. Roomy
C. Inconvenient
D. Unsuitable

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Right Answer: Roomy

Q10. Find the word which is most similar in meaing to the given word.
A. Incompetent
B. Inefficient
C. Inept
D. Competent

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Right Answer: Competent
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