General Science General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 1

Q1. 1 gm of which of the following will produce maximum ATPs?
A. Protein
B. Carbohydrate
C. Fat
D. Cellulose

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Answer: Fat 

Q2. Which among the following two gases contribute to begin the formation of stars?
A. Hydrogen & Nitrogen
B. Nitrogen and Helium
C. Helium & Hydrogen
D. Hydrogen and Oxygen

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Answer: Helium & Hydrogen

Q3. Which among the following causes Hydrophobia ultimately?
A. A virus
B. A bacteria
C. A protozoa
D. A worm

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Answer: A virus

Q4. Skin works as a respiratory organ in which of the following Animals?
A. Cockroach
B. Frog
C. Whale
D. Dog Fish

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Answer: Frog 

Q5. When 1 litre of water freezes, the volume of ice formed will be:
A. 0.9 litre
B. 1.0 litre
C. 1.11 litre
D. 2.0 litre

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Answer: 1.11 litre

Q6. The “Asteroids belt” are located between which among the following planets?
A. Mars and Jupiter
B. Saturn & Jupiter
C. Mercury and Venus
D. Earth & Mars

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Answer: Mars and Jupiter

Q7. Bleaching Powder is a compound of _______.
A. Sodium
B. Calcium
C. Magnesium
D. Potassium

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Answer: Calcium

Q8. Who discovered Ultrasound?
A. Ian Donald
B. Roger Bacon
C. JP Merri
D. Joseph Lister

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Answer: Ian Donald

Q9. Which of the following elements is used for the bleaching process?
A. Fluorine
B. Bromine
C. Chlorine
D. Xenon

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Answer: Chlorine

Q10. Plants get their nitrogen from:
A. Rain
B. The soil
C. The air
D. Ground water

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Answer: The soil