General Science General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 11

Science Questions and Answers for Pharmacist, Lab Technician and Other Equivalents Recruitment – Section – 8

Q1. Compressible lactose is different from lactose by lacks of:
A. Disintegration
B. Compressibility
C. Porosity
D. Viscosity

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Answer: Compressibility

Q2. Drug with the presence of plasmodesma:
A. Nux vomica
B. Rauwolfia
C. Vinca rosea
D. Physostigma

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Answer: Nux vomica

Q3. Micronization of spironolactone decreased the dose:
A. 20 times
B. 10 times
C. 15 times
D. 18 times

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Answer: 20 times

Q4. Alkaloids are ________ type of substances:
B. Neutral
C. Chemical
D. Basic nitrogenous

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Answer: Basic nitrogenous

Q5. Absorbable sutures is:
A. Fascialata
B. Nylon
C. Dermal silk
D. Silk

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Answer: Fascialata

Q6. Acetyl Choline is hydrolyzed by enzyme:
A. Acetylase
B. Cholinase
C. Acetylcholinesterase
D. Transferase

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Answer: Acetylcholinesterase

Q7. One of the following solvent is hydrophobic:
A. Glycerine
B. Ethanol
C. Dichloromethane
D. Methanol

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Answer: Dichloromethane

Q8. Platting of punch is done by:
A. Chromium
B. Zinc
C. Iron
D. All of the above

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Answer: Chromium

Q9. Vitamin B3 is called:
A. Pantothenic acid
B. Niacin
C. Folic acid
D. Ratinol

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Answer: Niacin

Q10. Which water soluble resins not used for microencapsulation?
A. Polyamide
B. Gum Arabic
C. Starch
D. Poly venyl alcohol

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Answer: Polyamide
gksection भारतीय प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं के लिए एक शिक्षा का ऑनलाइन माध्यम है, जिसके जरिए आप आगामी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओ की तैयारी कर सकते हो. जीके सेक्शन पोर्टल पर आप परीक्षा सम्बंधित हल किए हुए प्रश्नपत्र एवं सामन्य ज्ञान सम्बंधित सभी विषयों के सवाल और जवाव की जानकारियाँ हिंदी में पढ़ सकते हो, आपकी परीक्षाओं के लिए आपको महत्वपूर्ण परीक्षा सम्बंधित सामग्री एवं महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी प्राप्त कराता है.