General Science General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 8

Science Questions and Answers for Pharmacist, Lab Technician and Other Equivalents Recruitment – Section – 8

Q1. Metallic sutures are made up of:
A. Stainless steel
B. Silver
C. Both of the above
D. Magnesium

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Answer: Both of the above

Q2. Which of the following salts will most likely yield an aqueous solution with a pH
below 7:
A. Sodium salicylate
B. Atropine sulphate
C. Potassium chloride
D. Potassium penicillin

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Answer: Potassium penicillin

Q3. According to Higuchi model, drug release from porous matrix is directely related
A. Time
B. Square root of time
C. Square of time
D. Porosity

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Answer: Square root of time

Q4. Which one of these is not an antioxidant?
A. Sodium bisulphite
B. Sodium bromide
C. Sodium metabisulphite
D. Sodium sulphite

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Answer: Sodium bromide

Q5. A mechanism that can cause a gene to move from one linkage group to another
A. Translocation
B. Inversion
C. Crossing over
D. Duplication

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Answer: Translocation

Q6. PHC stands for:
A. Pharmacy Health Centre
B. Public Health Centre
C. Pharmaceutical Health Centre
D. Primary health centre

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Answer: Primary health centre

Q7. Stomatal index in Indian senna is in the range of:
A. 17 to 20
B. 20 to 23
C. 23 to 26
D. 26 to 29

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Answer: 17 to 20

Q8. Which of the following analgesics is a phenanthrene derivative?
A. Fentanyl
B. Morphine
C. Methadone
D. Pentazocine

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Answer: Morphine

Q9. Narcotics analgesics should:
A. Relieve severe pain
B. Increase in pain
C. Increase anxiety
D. None of these

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Answer: Relieve severe pain

Q10. In HPLC valve that controls the solvent and back flow is:
A. Rotary valve
B. Check valve
C. Both of the above
D. None of these

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Answer: Check valve
gksection भारतीय प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं के लिए एक शिक्षा का ऑनलाइन माध्यम है, जिसके जरिए आप आगामी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओ की तैयारी कर सकते हो. जीके सेक्शन पोर्टल पर आप परीक्षा सम्बंधित हल किए हुए प्रश्नपत्र एवं सामन्य ज्ञान सम्बंधित सभी विषयों के सवाल और जवाव की जानकारियाँ हिंदी में पढ़ सकते हो, आपकी परीक्षाओं के लिए आपको महत्वपूर्ण परीक्षा सम्बंधित सामग्री एवं महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी प्राप्त कराता है.