Geography General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Section 2

Q1. Kaziranga is known for
A. Project Tiger
B. The great Indian two horned Rhino
C. The great Indian one horned Rhino
D. Operation Flood

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Answer: C. The great Indian one horned Rhino

Q2. The maximum production of zinc in India comes from the State of
A. Bihar
B. Orissa
C. Rajasthan
D. Karnataka

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Answer: C. Rajasthan

Q3. The world’s largest producer of mica is
A. Russia
C. India
D. France

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Answer: C. India

Q4. Which is the period of south-west Monsoon in India?
A. January to May
B. June to September
C. July to December
D. August to November

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Answer: B. June to September

Q5. Which of the following States has the highest production of coffee in India?
A. Karnataka
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Kerala
D. Andhra Pradesh

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Answer: A. Karnataka

Q6. Ferozabad in U.P. is famous for his
A. Leather Industry
B. Glass Industry
C. Rubber Industry
D. Cotton Industry

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Answer: B. Glass Industry

Q7. In which state are the Aravalli ranges located?
A. Rajasthan
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Orissa
D. Andhra Pradesh

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Answer: A. Rajasthan

Q8. Which is the world’s largest lake?
A. Caspian Sea
B. Lake Superior
C. Lake Victoria
D. Lake Aral

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Answer: A. Caspian Sea

Q9. The largest natural satellite, Titan, is around which planet?
A. Jupiter
B. Saturn
C. Saturn
D. Uranus
E. Venus

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Answer: B. Saturn

Q10. Betwa river joins the
A. Ganga
B. Yamuna
C. Brahmputra
D. Sone

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Answer: B. Yamuna