Political Science General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Section 1

Q1. How many members of the Rajya Sabha retire every two years?
A. Half
B. One-third
C. One-fourth
D. One-fifth

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Answer: B. One-third

Q2. How many times National Emergency has been declared in India?
A. Only onece
B. Twice
C. Thrice
D. Never

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Answer: C. Thrice

Q3. How many major languages are recognized by the Constitution of India?
A. 12
B. 15
C. 22
D. 18

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Answer: C. 22

Q4. Who is the appointing authority of the Chief Election Commissioner?
A. Parliament
B. President
C. Prime Minister
D. Electoral College

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Answer: B. President

Q5. Ex-Officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha is the
A. Prime Minister of India
B. Deputy Prime Minister of India
C. Vice President of India
D. President of India

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Answer: C. Vice President of India

Q6. The term ‘Fourth Estate’ refers to
A. Under Developed State
B. Parliament
C. Judiciary
D. Press

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Answer: D. Press

Q7. In Vidarbha region, there is demand for a separate state within the Indian Union, At present, Vidarbha is a part of which one of the following states?
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Maharashtra
D. All of the above

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Answer: C. Maharashtra

Q8. Which one of the following is national political party?
A. All India Anna D.M.K
B. National Conference
C. Communist Party of India
D. All India Forward Block

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Answer: C. Communist Party of India

Q9. In the event of the breakdown of the constitutional machinery of any state, under which one of the following articles can President’s rule be imposed?
A. 352
B. 356
C. 360
D. 370

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Answer: B. 356

Q10. Individual liberty is best reflected in a
A. Socialist State
B. Communist State
C. Welfare State
D. Fascist State

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Answer: C. Welfare State