The Future of Commerce Study

As the world steeps into a technological direction, it is really a matter of fact to consider the wide advantages that the stream of commerce puts forward to its students. With the introduction of commerce in both class 10 and class 12 curriculum, students have actually been exposed to the type of career path that the subject can actually bring forth. There is a large number of factors that attract students to choose Commerce in their graduation and post-graduation levels. Apart from being calculative on data and other economic terms, one can also study finance and other prompting options as well.

In fact, studying commerce has actually made the students more thoughtful enough to consider the practical analytics of the world and thus, the popularity of the subject is on the rise as well. Therefore, a career in commerce is not just useful but helps you to deal with several solutions at hand too. Let’s consider some of the important divisions of commerce that can be taken up after class 10.

Courses in commerce after class 10:

If you wish to start your career with commerce, then you must definitely get to know the various subjects that can be taken up after class 10. Therefore, career options after class 10 in commerce are as follows:

  • Accountancy- One of the most fruitful career options that one can opt for after class 10 is choosing Accountancy or accounting. A student who chooses to opt for this path has many roles and responsibilities to achieve, starting from business and data entry operations, sharing the posts of managers and even that of shareholders. If this industry like is suitable for you, then you can think of future plans of opting for accountancy in your graduate studies as well. The job prospects in this sector are more on the rise and thus, one might want to explore more in order to lay hands on the very best!
  • Finance – On thinking of choosing finance in the area of commerce, one luckily gets to have some options to get in touch with various financial transactions. The need for finance comes at every stage of one’s life and therefore, choosing finance after 10 can boost your career to new heights. There are several options that one can choose in the finance sector and if one wishes to go for higher studies as well, then you might possibly earn jobs at several banking institutions as well as other sectors too.
  • Mathematics – One of the most extravagant subjects in the commerce stream is none other maths. While some favor the study of maths because of its calculative nature, others have a hard time getting away from it. If you are a maths enthusiast, then surely after 10 you can opt for maths. Higher studies in maths are really encouraged, as it helps students with jobs in various commercial as well as non-commercial sectors.
  • Business studies – Even in terms of dealing with business operations, everything starts from scratch where the student must take commerce to understand how business operations are held. Taking up business studies after 10 can help one in getting all the knowledge that is required to prepare the base for business administration. For higher goals, one can possibly choose to opt for an MBA and even BBA to further continue with the career path. Most likely, it is through commerce that one can learn all of the features of marketing and sales and this proves to be beneficial in later ages of study.
  • Economics – One of the most successful subjects in commerce is none other than Economics. This is widely studied by most of the economics students and there come certain technical aspects that must be looked into. One can learn terms related to the economy of the country and be familiar with governance as well. Although the subject might be tough, it has lots of opportunities in higher sectors of study as well.

Prior to all of the above subjects, you can possibly think of professional courses as well cater you have completed your high school. There comes the option of B.Com and other options like MBA, Chartered Accountancy, BFA Courses, BA Courses, and other diploma courses as well. Taking commerce to new heights can only be done on part of the students and therefore, one can choose the variables that come forth for a shining career ahead!

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