What are the finest Career Options after 12th?

If you have scored good marks, there is an ocean of career options to choose from after 12th. For those who have scored an average, the career options are not short as well. However, more avenues of opportunity and the options well-up with better scoring. You can build your career in the scholastic discipline through your choice of academics. And if you have the passion of vocational courses, there are a plethora of career options. For those, which intend in the professional field, can explore the wide multi-faceted line of engineering and the architecture.

It is fundamental to choose the right career options after 12th. This first step would be the leap into the great opportunity that would come along the way in the completion of the course. This is one of the most crucial junctures of decision making. Too often confusion results in the wrong career options choices and eventually brings disastrous effect. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult a career counselor, who will assist you in discovering the choices to be made from the galaxy of career options.

In our pursuit of assisting students for the process of discerning, the best of our recommendations are enumerated below. Availing them would be the greatest of assets in your career options after 12th.

Career Options After 12th Humanities or Arts:

There are a variety of courses you can take up if you are interested in the arts. Right after your 12th, you can fruitfully engage in a list of bachelor’s degree courses, which will be suitable for your career in the future.

a). Learning Foreign language: Learning a foreign language is a great asset to your career. This provides the opportunity to be a well-versed interpreter for consulates and even obtain jobs in embassies.

There is great demand for language experts, and you can pick the most suitable from the list here:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

b). Competitive Exams:This is the right time to prepare for Indian Civil service examination or even for state civil service examinations.

c). Other professional courses:A professional course with you will be a boost to your career. There are many professional courses; some of them are listed below:

  • Course in advertising
  • Journalism
  • Mass communication
  • Media studies
  • Business management
  • Performing arts
  • Tourism and travels

Career Options After 12th in the Commerce Stream: 

If you belong to the commerce stream, there are the exceedingly great number of opportunities and career options, which are very significant.

  • Take a course for company secretary
  • A qualified Chartered Accountancy
  • Engage in computer studies
  • Apply for Business Management

The fact with applying for Chartered accountancy is that the percentage of candidates who qualify for this examination is just a handful. Hence, it is highly recommended for aspirants to CA, to take up Bachelor’s in commerce, and acquire a relevant computer study, prior to applying for Chartered Accountancy.

Career Options After 12th Science stream:

There is an abundant of career options if you belong to the science stream. You will be amazed to find a combination of courses and subjects.

  • Apply for the course in Engineering, to a great list of options such as, metallurgy, mechanical, civil, computers, electronics, aeronautics, maritime and other such courses.
  • You may also apply for the courses which have the combination of the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • If you are aspiring to take up the studies of Biochemistry, or biotechnology, or microbiology, agricultural or engage in diary science, or study in Medicine or Dental studies, you should have the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics in the course of 12th.

The greatest advantage in the study of science stream, you have the capacity to switch into Humanities or to Commerce when required.

You can also take up vocational courses such as nursing, occupational therapy or physiotherapy or computers, or hotel management, or computers or hospitality management or even business administration.  To bring to your notice, the primal requirement these days is the course of MBA (Master’s in Business Administration).

Career Options After 12th Non-academic courses:

Although there are endless list of career options in the line of academic excellence, there are equally more desirable and attractive options too. Those students with enthusiast can very well engage in the pursuit of fashion technology, the art of jewelry design, Aviation, radio jockey, packaging or the art of industrial designs, out of the many.

With all these career options it is significant to remember the principle, ‘choose the career option which makes you enjoy the work’. Listed below are some of the choices, which may be of your interest:

  • Career as a Child counselor
  • Career in animation
  • Career in apparel management
  • Career as a sports coaches and instructors
  • Career in human rights
  • Career in fashion communication
  • Career as Ayurvedic
  • Career in Dairy
  • Career in Photography
  • Career as a sound engineer

Pick the right career options, and boost your future with load of opportunities. No matter which options be your preferred choices, make it with the utmost conviction.

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