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What are the most Common interview questions and answers in HR round?

Isn’t it a comforting experience to know what your interviewer is going to ask? If you are preparing for a job interview and are anxious of what the interview would be like, you have embarked in the right place. Being anxious of what is going to come is just a normal thing. But getting them over, with right frame of mind, by learning about the most common interview questions is the best preparation you can do, before any interview. Whatever the type of job interview you are into, to avoid going blank or lending up with a shattering experience, this is most ideal to calm your nerves.

Say ‘be gone’ to fear and prove your mantle as the one most suited for the job. Enlisted below are common questions, along with the most apt answers in reply. In all certainty, the interviewer will be hanging on your lips, over the experience-filled and rhythmic answers.

Tell me about yourself?

The question sounds simple, but many falter in the real time. What should you include when speaking about yourself? Here is the list of important things which should be in your answers.

  • The most ideal thing is to keep concise and compelling, without blurting out your personal success
  • Convince yourself as best suited for the job
  • Bring forward 3-4 suitable accomplishment you wish the interviewer to know about.
  • Sum up your words on how your experience has brought you in place for the job you are interviewing.

How did you hear about this job/position?

Another equally common question asked in all job interviews. Here you can manifest your enthusiasm about how you discovered the job. Give the best impression, and share in whatever way you have found the position. Tell what intrigued you about the role.

What do you know about this organization/company?

The details of the company is found in the “About” section. It is primarily asked not to test how much you know about the company, rather if you care about the company.  Take one liner expression which is the company goals or objectives. Stress in the key words, or the phrase which sums about the company’s goals.

Being your formation of words, with something personal, “I am drawn to this cherished mission because …”

Why should this organization hire you?

If you are asked this question, you have the ample opportunity to market or sell yourself. Make the most by highlighting your skills to the interviewer. What should you do concretely here?

  • Make stress on the results your will bring, than mere doing it.
  • Tell about your adaptability nature with team and the work culture.
  • Show clear points why you are the most suitable candidate for the position.

Why do you want this job?

By and large companies hire candidates who are passionate for the post applied. Prepare the best answer that is compelling, as to why you want this job. Keep these essential points in mind:

  • Locate in yourself the most noteworthy passions be suited for this job.
  • Then make your point on why you have grown to like the company.

For instance if you have great liking for the organization oriented on education, begin by saying something like, “ I have intense passion for the values of education, and am sure this organization is doing wonderful in this aspect, I wish to part of this and foster the ideals.”

What are your strengths?

The basic idea you should keep in mind, whilst highlighting your strengths are:

  • Accuracy: Share those strengths you glory about, and not what your wish to make it pleasant for the interviewer to hear.
  • Relevance: Nothing sound most relevant than those which are appropriate for the specific job applied. Being your strength by listing it in relevance.
  • Specificity: Instead of beating around the bush, you should list out in specificity.

The ground rule in this is to show the line, as to how you are going to transform them in action while working in the organization.

What are your weaknesses?

This question is asked for the reason of self-awareness and not for the sake of condemnation. No one is perfect. So be realistic, in highlighting your weakness. Draw a line of the weakness, and how you are working on them to improve consistently. Some of the examples may be, on public speaking and how you are improving on it; or on punctuality- how you are making it on time, etc.

What is the reason you have left or leaving the last organization?

When you are encountered with this question, keep these fundamental points in mind, to prepare the most appropriate answers.

  • Base yourself on the facts, and be direct. For instance, you can being by saying that, “it was not under favorable circumstances”.
  • The thumb rule is to stay positive in your response whilst speaking about the last organization. This has lot of things to speak about your personality, that you are a motivated person and eager for new opportunities, than being an escapist. Never be negative about the last organization, if done, it brings your attitude and perspectives into fall. No one likes to hear condemnation of any company, and what if it happens to the company you are interviewing? Be positive.

What is your salary expectation?

This like the first question seems rather simple, but can be the most decisive in any job interview.  Based on your experience, quote the best pricing. If you say the expectation to what is under the price, the obvious offer would be low. Find the best way to give the answer, so that the most suitable offer is made for the position. The offer would be something which you deserve.

What are your future goals?

In most interviews this question is asked to identify, if you have plans to stay for a long duration of time or resign at the next opportunity.  Keep your response oriented for the current job you are applying for, and stress on the plan for a long-term involvement with the organization.

Besides, these aforementioned common questions, there are plethora of other questions being asked in job interview. If you are preparing for a job interview make sure to go through the most important ones listed here, which are helpful and effective too. Make sure to stick to the points, and with assurance your response will be productive.

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