General Knowledge

Citizenship in India

Q. What kind of Constitution of India has granted citizenship?
Answer: single citizenship

Q. When any person is called a citizen of India by birth?
Answer: when someone is born on 26 January 1950 in India. But there are some exceptions.
Like the children of diplomats and enemy aliens.

Q. how an individual’s genetic or blood-based citizenship would be fixed?
Answer: Any person born January 26, 1950 after getting outside of India. He will be called only when a citizen of India at the time of his birth his father was a citizen of India.

Q. Any foreign person can acquire Indian citizenship on what terms?
Answer: (i) he is not a citizen of a country where India naturalization restrictions.
(ii) He resigned from his country have been given citizenship.
(iii) one year prior to the application he has resided in India or in the service of the Government of India is.
(iv) He immediately before the above one year period of 7 years at least 4 years in the Indian government‘s job or be resident in India.

Q. When the Indian Citizenship Act was amended in -1955?
Answer: 1986 AD.

Q. After the Indian Citizenship Act amendment which added the provision?
Answer: (i) acquire by birth citizenship could only person any of whose parents was a citizen of India at the time of birth.
(ii) through the registration of the person who wants to be a citizen of India, in India at least five years now (formerly it was six months) must reside.
(iii) The Indian men were marrying foreign women to obtain citizenship was granted.
(iv) citizenship by naturalization shall be granted only when the person concerned has ceased to be at least 10 years in India. This period was 5 years ago.
(v) -1 996 Citizenship Amendment Act, including Jammu and Kashmir and Assam will apply to all the states of India.

Q. In what circumstances might end up citizenship of India?
Answer: (i) to abandon citizenship.
(ii) Once you accept the citizenship of any other country.
(iii) by the government to take away citizenship