SET 3 – General English Questions and Answers

English Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams – Gksection

Here We Published English all competitive Exams questions and answers. These questions will be helpful for crack SSC, UPSC, SBI, Banking and More..

Question 1. In this sentence find the segment which contains the grammatical error.
“Her sister lives in Pune, one of the major city in Maharashtra.”

  1. Her sister lives
  2. one of the major city
  3. in Maharashtra
  4. in Pune
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Answer: one of the major city

Question 2. Choose the “Correctly” spelt word.

  1. Credibel
  2. Creddible
  3. Credible
  4. Credibal
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Answer: Credible

Question 3. Select the most appropriate “Synonym” of the given word.

  • Daunt
  • Perceive
  • Neglect
  • Disregard
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    Answer: Perceive

    Question 4. Find the segment that contains a grammatical error. If there is no error, select ‘No
    “This document has signed by two persons.”

    1. has signed
    2. by two persons
    3. No error
    4. This document
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    Answer: has signed

    Question 5. Choose the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.
    Indian films have ______ added nature without its fury into long romantic songs.

  • Fretfully
  • Fussily
  • Frequently
  • Formerly
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    Answer: frequently

    Question 6. Find the “Incorrectly” spelt word.

    1. Incremental
    2. Ferocious
    3. Alignement
    4. Amenable
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    Answer: alignement

    Question 7. Select the most appropriate “Antonym” of the given word.

  • Rebuke
  • Reward
  • Reproof
  • Redeem
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    Answer: Reward

    Question 8. Select the most appropriate “Synonym” of the given word.

  • Energy
  • Tiredness
  • Lightness
  • Warmth
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    Answer: Tiredness
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