Salary, Roles, Emoluments, Career Prospects of IBPS Clerk – A Complete Details

The most sought exam after the PO exams are definitely clerk exams which attract more candidates. The IBPS clerk 2017 will be held during the start of November. As you are aware , the exam is easier when compared to PO exams. So the competition will be really high. So you should definitely start preparing for the exams from now on , as the exams are getting tough due to the increase in the competition. So start preparing now on , before that please read this article further to know more about the salary , allowances , emoluments, roles and career progression for the Clerk exams.

Work and Roles Of IBPS Clerk:

• The first one you will encounter while you visit a bank is the Clerk. They are accountable for all the proceedings of the bank and they are instrumental in receiving the cash and depositing the cash in the account of the customer.
• They also receive the checks and drafts and also helps in the proceedings of the bank like Updating the passbook of the customers , clarifying the various features of the bank to the customers, Updating their details and also help them in opening new accounts.
• They market the financial products of the banks which include loans, deposits , mutual funds to the customers , so that they could get benefited by them.
• They are also responsible for the seamless running of the bank and also oversee the process of the other employees and also act as the custodian of the branch for it’s effective running.
• They also perform ledger maintenance and also issue EDI stamps and cheque books after the approval.

Emoluments Of IBPS Clerk

=> Basic Pay – Rs.11,765
=> Dearness allowance – 39.4% of Basic Pay – Revised Quarterly and it is based on Consumer Price Index
=> Housing Rent Allowance – 7-9% of Basic pay – Varies according to the city of posting
• Metro cities – 8.5% of Basic Pay
• Population of Cities > 5 Lakhs – 7.5% of Basic Pay
• Other Cities – 6.5% of Basic Pay
=>Special Allowance – 7.5%
=>Medical Allowance – Rs.20000 – Paid Annually

The salary and allowances are almost same for all the Public Sector Banks and it is given based on the 10th Bipartite Agreement and it may change accordingly.

Career Prospects Of An IBPS Clerk

After you have cleared the exams , you have plethora of opportunities while this makes this post an alluring one. After a certain period of time , you could go higher in the category by writing an internal examination. Or else a post graduation will also help you to get promoted based on your performance in the various departments in which you have worked. The performance determines the promotion along with the years of service.

Also you will be eligible for a internal examination after a certain period and this will help you to become a Probationary officer after you held an interim post. So probably every aspirants dream is to become a PO , a clerk position is not less when compared to PO and you have different challenges.