Basic Computer Terminology and definitions for Bank Exam

Data:- It is the data prepared by PC.
Database:- It is the accumulation of information, regularly sorted out to make normal recoveries simple and proficient.
Investigating:- Locating and dispensing with deformities in a system.
Defragment:- It is utilized to link parts of information into coterminous pieces in memory or on a hard drive.
Default settings:- The pre-built up settings that a system will take after unless the client transforms them.
Space:- Typically, a three letter component in a Web address or an email address. The space, ordinarily alluded to as the zone, demonstrates the kind of association that claims the PC being distinguished in the location. For instance, .com means a business association; .edu connotes an instructive establishment.
Exchange Box:- It is an on-screen message box that shows up when the PC requires extra data before finishing a charge.
Circle:- It is a turning platter made of attractive or optically scratched material on which information can be put away.
Plate Drive:- It is the apparatus that composes information shape a circle or compose information to a circle.
Space Name:- The part of an email locations which takes after the @symbol. It distinguishes the host.
Move and customize altering:- A product highlight that permits the client to (1) highlight content to be moved and (2) utilize a mouse to drag the content to another area.
Email:- The term email (short for electronic mail) alludes to the exchange of messages or archives between clients associated by an electronic system.
Ethernet:- It is convention for quick correspondence and record exchange over a system.
Augmentation:- It is a startup program that runs when you begin the PC and after that improves its capacity.
Record exchange convention (FTP):- An arrangement of rules or benchmarks that set up the configuration in which documents can be transmitted starting with one PC then onto the next.
Firewall: It is an arrangement of programming that keeps unapproved persons from getting to certain parts of a system, database, or system. Firewalls can be executed in both equipment and programming, or a mix of both.
Group:- The physical determinations that influence the appearance and course of action of a report, for instance, edges, dispersing, and textual style.
Floppy:- An unbending circle which holds information.
Organizer:- It is an electronic subdirectory which contains records.
Discontinuity:- It is procedure of separating of a record into numerous different areas in memory or on a plate.
Solidify:- It is framework mistake which causes the cursor to secure.
Gig:- It implies a gigabyte which equivalents to 1024 megabyte.
GIGO (Garbage in, junk out):- It that infers awful information will bring about terrible yield.
Glitch:- An equipment issue that causes a PC to breakdown or accident.
Hard Disk:- It is huge limit stockpiling gadget made of various circles housed in an inflexible case.
Landing page:- It is the primary or starting site page of site.
Host PC:- Main or controlling PC associated with different PCs or terminals to which it gives information or figuring administrations through a system.
Hypermedia:- An augmentation of hypertext that coordinates sound, video, and representation with content.
Hypertext:- An innovation that connections content in one a player in an archive with related content in another part of the report or in different records.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML):- The dialect used to make Web page. “Hypertext” alludes to the hyperlinks that a HTML page may contain. “Markup dialect” alludes to the way labels are utilized to characterize the page format and components inside the page.
Hypertext exchange convention (HTTP):- The convention utilized on the World Wide Web that licenses Web programs to speak with Web servers. This convention permits software engineers to insert hyperlinks in Web archives utilizing hypertext markup dialect.
Web: A framework that connections existing PC systems into an overall system. The web might be gotten to by method for business online administrations and Internet administration suppliers.
Intranet:- A private system set up by an association for the elite utilization of its representatives. Firewalls keep outcasts from accessing an association’s intranet.
Network access Provider (ISP):- An association that gives access to the Internet to a charge, through phone lines or links. Organizations like America Online are all the more appropriately alluded to as business online administrations since they offer numerous different administrations notwithstanding Internet access.
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