SET 5 – Books and Authors Questions and Answers

Books and Authors Questions with Answers – In this section very important Books and Authors related gk questions and answers have been published Here the students are studying and preparing for various competitive exams. These All Books and Authors Quiz is an important for SSC, UPSC, Railway, Bank, IBPS Examination.

SET 5 – Books and Authors Quiz for Competitive Exams

Q1. Who is the creator of Shahnama?
1. Abul Fazal
2. Amir Khusro
3. Firdausi
4. Sarojini Naidu

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Answer: Firdausi

Q2. Who is the author of the famous book called ‘The Piano Teacher’?
1. Arvind Adig
2. Mrs. Indira Gandhi
3. Mulk Raj Anand
4. Sunil Gavaskar

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Answer: Arvind Adig

Q3. Whose creation is “Satyarth Prakash”?
1. Jaishankar Prasad
2. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
3. Sunil Gavaskar
4. Ramdhari Sing Dinkar

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Answer: Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Q4. Who is the author of “A Suitable Boy”?
1. Vikram Seth
2. Kuldeep Nayyar
3. Dr. Nagaswamy
4. Yadavindra Sharma

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Answer: Vikram Seth

Q5. Who is the author of ‘Prithvirajrasou’?
1. Chandravardai
2. Vigyaneshwar
3. Jaidev
4. Kalhan

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Answer: Chandravardai

Q6. Is the author of “Kadambari”?
1. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
2. Kalidas
3. Banabhatta
4. Maithilisharangupta

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Answer: Banabhatta

Q7. Who is the playwright of “Merchant of Venice”?
1. Charles Dickinen
2. Milton
3. Shakespeare
4. Galsvardi

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Answer: Shakespeare

Q8. Who is the author of “We the People”?
1. Nani Palkhiwala
2. Mrs. Indira Gandhi
3. Dr. Karan Singh
4. Bhasa

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Answer: Nani Palkhiwala

Q9. Who is the author of the book “Small is Beautiful”?
1. Sunil Gavaskar
2. Arnesh Schumesser
3. Hemingway
4. Kalidas

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Answer: Arnesh Shumsher

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