SET 10 – Computer Questions and Answers

Computer GK Questions and Answers Set-10:- With the help of the published Computer General Knowledge Part-10 quiz, you can get very important knowledge in Computer GK Set-10 . These Computer GK Questions will prove to be helpful for you in the upcoming competitive exams.

Set-10 Computer Gk Quiz for Competitive Examination

Q1. Which of these addresses is necessary to connect a computer to a network?
1. IP Address
2. URL Address
3. Local Address
4. MAC Address

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Answer: IP address

Q2. Which of these is software through which internet can run?
1. AMS Office
2. Antivirus
3. C Cleaner
4. Browser

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Answer: Browser

Q3. Who is the founder of Oracle Corporation?
1. Lawrence J. Ellison
2. Larry Page
3. Tim Berner Lee
4. Mark Zuckerberg

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Answer: Lawrence J. Ellison

Q4. What technology is used in CDROM drives?
1. Electronic
2. Inc.
3. Optical
4. Laser

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Answer: Optical

Q5. Which of these programs translates high level language into machine level language?
1. AMS Office
2. Debugger
3. Compiler
4. Google Chrome

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Answer: compiler

Q6. Which is used to find error in software code ??
1. Test
2. Debugging
3. Finding
4. Collection

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Answer: Debugging

Q7. Which of these is called the brain of computer which forms the relation between data and program?
1. Power Supply
2. Mother Board
3. Microprocessor
4. Hard Disk

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Answer: Microprocessor

Q8. What type of software are excel sheet, powerpoint, word processing?
1. Window Software
2. System Software
3. Applications software
4. None of the above

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Answer: Application Software

Q9. How many “MB” make up 1 GB?
1. 1024 GB
2. 1000 MB
3. 1024 KB
4. 1024 MB

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Answer: 1024 MB

Q10. Which of these companies discovered ‘Windows 8’ Windows operating system?
1. Apple
2. Microsoft
3. Amazon
4. Google

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Answer: Microsoft

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