Do Grade’s Matter in Exams?

Education is a major part of the society. However hard we try, we can’t deny the fact that the grading system, ranking system and the examination system as a whole has destroyed the sole purpose of education. Education was primarily used as a weapon to make people of the society learn etiquettes, moral and behaviour. As the days have passed, education has become an aspect by which the status and knowledge of the person is judged. Education is not known for imparting great moral values to students anymore, rather sometimes the grading system in education has made them use ill methods of passing the examination. This has made students prone to cheating, copying answers and using ill methods for passing the examination. No one thinks acquiring knowledge to be important anymore. Students who want to learn more about a subject because they have interest in the particular subject are left behind in the rat race because toppers are the ones who devote their time equally to all subjects and most importantly, the student who can fill their answer sheets well in examination can score high and not the students who want to learn and have the urge to learn.

Since which day grades become so important that we are ready to compromise on moral values for some mere grades? Another problem comes for students who due to some interruption have made a gap in study years or have scored less in some classes. They are unable to get admission in a good college or university. Calculating SGPA, converting SGPA to CGPA and presenting them while admission in college can again make them fall behind in the rat race. In this case, we need to say that grades are important. It sometimes doesn’t even matters how much knowledge you possess or how much you want to study. If your grades are below the cut-off range, you can’t get admission in your dream college. It is the harsh reality that your grade card is the proof of your knowledge and if it doesn’t has high grades then you are not considered qualified. Sometimes grades of absentees are dropped in schools or colleges. One might be absent because of serious health issues or family members but here, they are being penalised for being responsible. They might be very good and learned students but as their grades are low, they might be refused admission in good college. However, this is not always true. Some students in spite of having all facilities perform poorly in examination and hence, score low. No one has ever thought about differentiating the low grades on basis of their reason.

If one wishes to take admission in a college after high school then the grades in high school are of much importance. Admission committees look at the grade cards and decide on basis of them whether they can admit a student or not. Only very few admission committees tend to look beyond the grade card and accept student on basis of their knowledge. Many colleges also organise examination of their own and give admission to students on basis of the scores generated and not the grade cards. To get into some clubs and committees in college and also get some scholarship one needs to have high grades in previous years. Getting into clubs and committees is seen as an opportunity to get to know the faculty and greater exposure. One can become a campus reporter and get chance to travel abroad.

Grades matter in college if you are receiving a financial aid. You need to have a certain grade to keep the aid coming otherwise it might stop due to poor performance. Other than this, grades in college can matter for different purposes. Even for some job interviews the grades in resume are given importance. Some companies are also there who like to test the common sense, aptitude skills and logical skills of the candidate, in that case they prefer to take examination of their own according to their requirement.

Thus, we see that grades play an important role in the education as well as job industry. You might have a lot of knowledge and insight about the subject as well as your job role but you will be, most of the times, judged on basis of your grades and not your actual capability.

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