February 1st Week Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

Feb 1st Week (1st to 7th) 2021 Current Affairs Quiz for Every Competitive Exams

February-2021 1st Week GkSection team published here very important Feb 1st week (1st to 7th February) Current Affairs quiz. These quiz will helpful for you crack Banking, IBPS, SSC, UPSC, Railway and More Competitive Exams.

February 1st Week Current Affairs Questions for Every Competitive Exam

According to India’s Union Budget 2021-22, how many people over the age of no longer have to fill ITR?

  • 65 years
  • 75 years
  • 78 years
  • 82 years
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    Answer: 75 years - According to the Union Budget of India 2021-22, the special announcement for Senior Citizens for people above 75 years of age. Will no longer have to fill the ITR. The budget session of the Parliament for the Union Government of India 2021-22 has started from 29 January this year.

    Which union territory of India has recently become the first union territory of the country to be freed from Corona?

    • Kolkata
    • Chennai
    • Daman & Deep
    • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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    Answer: Andaman and Nicobar Islands - Andaman and Nicobar Islands have the first corona free center in the country with the number of Kovid patients being zero The territory has been formed. All four patients have been cured in this island group. This result has come due to strict vigilance and monitoring. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are famous for their natural beauty.

    Which of the following has extended the date for submission of nomination for the prestigious Nari Shakti Puraskar – 2020 to 6 February 2021?

  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Ministry of Sports
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Women and Child Development
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    Answer: Ministry of Women and Child Development - Ministry of Women and Child Development has recently submitted nominations for the prestigious Nari Shakti Award - 2020 The date has been increased to 6 February 2021. This prestigious Nari Shakti Awards are given by the Ministry of Women and Child Development on 8 March every year on International Women's Day.

    Which establishment day was celebrated by the Indian Coast Guard on 1 February 2021?

  • 12th
  • 25th
  • 45th
  • 56th
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    Answer: 45th - Indian Coast Guard is celebrating its 45th Raising Day on 1 February 2021. From a simple start with only 7 ground platforms in 1978, today ICG has become an unstoppable army with 156 ships and 62 aircraft on its list.
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    Which city of India writer Poulomi Pavini Shukla has been ranked in the Forbes ’30 Under 30, 2021′ list released by Forbes?

  • Pune
  • Lucknow
  • Cherrapunji
  • Chennai
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    Answer: Lucknow - Forbes's list of 30 individuals who have spent 30 years Has done important work in his field at an early age, has been ranked in the '30 under 30, 2021' list of India. Palomi Pavini Shukla has done for the education of orphans.

    Recently how many inches of scientists have discovered the world’s smallest chameleon?

  • 1 inch
  • 2 inches
  • 3 inches
  • 4 inches
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    Answer: 1 inch - Recently scientists have discovered the world's smallest chameleon of 1 inch. It has become the world's smallest reptile. It has been named Nano-Chameleon. So far, 11,500 Reptiles have been found worldwide. This nano-chameleon has been discovered by the team from Germany and Madagascar in the jungle of northern Madagascar.

    Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced to establish a university at which place in India in this budget?

  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Leh
  • Jaipur
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    Answer: Leh - Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the creation of a Central University in the Leh region of Ladakh in India in this budget. So that all the students living in Ladakh can get higher education easily. Earlier Ladakh was not part of Jammu and Kashmir because it did not have its own special university.

    Which ranked India in the “2020 Democracy Index”?

  • 15th place
  • 25th place
  • 45th place
  • 53rd place
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    Answer: 53rd place - Ranked 53rd in India in "2020 Democracy Index". But this list is above most of its neighbors. India got 6.9 points in the year 2019, which has come down to 6.61 points.

    Which state government has recently launched the “Jail Tourism” initiative through an online program?

  • Government of Gujarat
  • Government of Maharashtra
  • Government of Kerala
  • Government of Punjab
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    Answer: Government of Maharashtra - The Government of Maharashtra has recently launched the "Jail Tourism" initiative through an online program. Launched from the 150-year-old Yerwada Jail in Pune, this initiative aims to facilitate the common people to take a closer look at the historic jails.

    Which of the following country’s army has declared emergency in the country for one more year?

  • Japan
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Austria
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    Answer: Myanmar - Myanmar's army has declared an emergency in the country for one more year. Myanmar's powerful army has taken the country's state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and many other civilian leaders into custody as well. A new political crisis has arisen in Myanmar amid growing tension between this government and the military.