First in the World General Knowledge GK

First Radio Telescopte satellite launched into space – HALCA (Japan)
First country to use glass – Egypt and Mesopotamia
First country to make map – Mesopotamia (Greece)
First spaceship landed on mars – Viking-I (July-1976)
World’s first multipurpose river valley project – Tennessee river valley project (usa)
first space shuttle launched – Columbia (April (1981)
first rocket to go near the sun – Helius ‘B’
first country to make constitution – America
first country to start undergound metro rail – Britain
first unmanned mission on the moon – LUNA-9
first spacecraft to carry man on the moon – Apollo – 11
first country do artificial satellite experiment – Russia
country to give voting right to women – New Zealand
first country appoint lokpal – Sweden
first country to imposed carbon tax – New Zealand