GK Questions and Answers for Class 1st

Check basic gk multiple choice questions for class-1st with answer. Class 1st gk questions and answers will help to increase intelligence quotient in general knowledge.

Class 1st General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Who is the tallest animal on the earth ?
[A] Elepahant
[B] Blue Whale
[C] Dog
[D] Giraffe
Answer: Giraffe

2. What is the name of world’s biggest bird?
[A] Crane
[B] Dove
[C] Ostrich
[D] Canary
Answer: Ostrich

3. Who is the world’s largest animal?
[A] Elephant
[B] Giraffe
[C] Snake
[D] Blue Whale
Answer: Blue Whale (Antarctic Blue Whale)

4. Who is the smallest bird ?
[A] Crane
[B] Dove
[C] Canar
[D] Humming Bird
Answer: Humming Bird

5. What is the name of world’s biggest continent?
[A] Europe
[B] America
[C] Russia
[D] Asia
Answer: Asia

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6. What is the name of white continent ?
[A] Asia
[B] Africa
[C] Australia
[D] Antartica
Answer: Antartica

7. What is the name of hottest planet?
[A] Saturn
[B] Mars
[C] Uranus
[D] Venus
Answer: Venus

8. What is the name of world’s smallest continent?
[A] Europe
[B] America
[C] Africa
[D] Australia
Answer: Australia

9. What is the name of dark continent in the World?
[A] Europe
[B] Australia
[C] Bermula
[D] Africa
Answer: Africa

10. What is the name of largest planet?
[A] Saturn
[B] Mars
[C] Uranus
[D] Jupiter
Answer: Jupiter


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