SET 2 – Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers

All the questions are related to ‘GK Quiz Set-2’, will prove to be helpful for you in the upcoming competitive examinations.

GK Questions and Answers Set-2 for SBI, SSC, Railway and More.

Question 1. Where are the Pandrathan temples located?

  1. Jammu and Kashmir
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Rajasthan
  4. Kerala
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Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

Question 2. Which technique was used by Michelangelo to depict the ceiling of a cysteine ​​chapel in the Vatican?

  1. Tempera
  2. Mix-Media
  3. Fresco
  4. Oil
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Answer: Fresco - The fresco technique was used by Michelangelo to depict the ceiling of the cysteine ​​chapel in the Vatican.

Question 3. An advertisement in which a new item or editorial is displayed?

  1. Advertus
  2. Classified Advertising
  3. Direct mail
  4. Advertorial
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Answer: Advertorial

Question 4. Name the sculptor who was commanded by Maharaja Sayyaji Rao Gaekwad (III) of Baroda to prepare the work for the Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Baroda?

  1. P. Rai Chaudhary
  2. Phanindranath Bose
  3. VP Karmakar
  4. Sankho Choudhary
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Answer: Phanindranath Bose

Question 5. Which Indian sculptor received a silver medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics to praise his work?

  1. Biman Dus
  2. Ajit Chakraborty
  3. Sharbasi Rai Chaudhary
  4. Chintamani Kar
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Answer: Worrying

Question 6. A main material for FRP / Polymer is _____?

  1. Latex
  2. Shellac
  3. Epoxy
  4. Gelatin
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Answer: epoxy

Question 7. Who among the following has been described as the outstanding visual communicator of Japan?

  1. Shiego Fukuda
  2. Masaru Katsumi
  3. Giovanni Pintori
  4. Stephan Segmeister
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Answer: Shiego Fukuda - Shiego Fukuda was described as Japan's outstanding visual communicator.

Question 8. Which city has an underground environment with dense posters?

  1. London
  2. Berlin
  3. New york
  4. Mosca
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Answer: London

Question 9. Is a moving picture illustration developed to give a storyboard to customers for a finished advertisement?

  1. Animation
  2. Enzymatic
  3. Airdate
  4. Advertorial
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Answer: enimetic

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