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KBC-13 Episode-36 Questions in English

Here are published KBC-13 questions and answers of episode-36 in English all KBC-13 episode questions have already been asked in the KBC serial.

Kbc Season 13 Questions (Episode-36)

1. Violation of what by candidates may lead to censure by the Election Commission of India?
A. Sushruta Samhita
B. Samaveda Samhita
C. Aachaar Samhita
D. Charaka Samhita

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Ans. C. Aachaar Samhita

2. Which of these prime ministers shares his middle name with a name of Lord Krishna?
A. A B Vajpayee
B. V P Singh
C. L B Shastri
D. I K Gujral

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Ans. A. A B Vajpayee

3. Which of these countries does not have any starts on its flag?
A. China
B. Israel
C. Pakistan
D. Russia

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Ans. D. Russia

4. As a reward for saving his life, which Mughal emperor granted the wish of being emperor for a day to a water carrier named Nizam?
A. Akbar
B. Humayun
C. Babur
D. Jehangir

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Ans. Humayun

5. Minerals containing which metal are primarily mined in the Khetri region of Rajasthan?
A. Iron
B. Aluminium
C. Copper
D. Zinc

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Ans. C. Copper

6. In August 2020, ISRO decided to name a recently discovered crater on the moon after which scientist?
A. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar
B. Homi Jehangir Bhabha
C. Homi Sethna
D. Vikram Sarabhai

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Ans. D. Vikram Sarabhai

7. In which city was the first underground railway built in 1863?
A. London
B. Paris
C. New York City
D. Rome

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Ans. A. London

8. Which cricketer played only one test in his career, against New Zealand at Wellington, and took the wicket of John Wright in that match?
A. Sunil Valson
B. Yograj Singh
C. Randhir Singh
D. Suru Nayak

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Ans. B. Yograj Singh

9. What does the idiom ‘koop mandook’ or ‘kue ka mendhak hona’ mean?
A. To be shrewd
B. To fall into a well
C. To have limited knowledge
D. To be promising

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Ans. C. To have limited knowledge

10. By prefixing what term before the word “ball” will you get the name of a sport?
A. Finger
B. Hand
C. Neck
D. Nose

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Ans. B. Hand

11. In which of these dishes would you normally not find any stuffing?
A. Modak
B. Gujiya
C. Kachori
D. Dhokla

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Ans. D. Dhokla

12. Which of these building materials are available in 33 Grade, 43 Grade and 53 Grade?
A. Cement
B. Plaster of Paris
C. Iron bars
D. Wall Paints

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Ans. A. Cement

13. Which of these is the unit of measurement of latitudes and longitudes?
A. Kilometre
B. Degree
C. Mile
D. Percentage

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Ans. D. Percentage

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