Q. How many percent of the Earth is an extension of the mountain?
Answer: 27 percent

Q. is fixed at a minimum height of mountains?
Answer: 600 meter

Q. What is the mountain?
Answer: the land area which is higher than the surrounding area. Which is the top and the height is 600 meters.

Q. Depending on the age of mountains is divided into how many parts?
Answer: two Part 1 and 2 fresh mountain ancient mountain

Q. What is the ancient mountain?
Answer: The mountains are formed before the age of thirty million years ago was the ancient mountain called Mahdvipiy displacement. Like Pennine (Europe), Apleshian (USA), Aravali (India)

Q. Which is the oldest mountain in India?
Answer: Aravalli

Q. What is Nutan mountain?
Answer: the mountains were formed by the convergence of plates in the Cenozoic era. Such as the Himalayas, Rocky, Andes, Alps.

Q. Genesis are based on the types of mountain?
Answer: four type-
(i) fold or twisted mountain
(ii) 2nd block or block or block mountain
(iii) volcanic mountain and
(iv) Residual Mountains

Q. Which sequence is the world’s largest mountain?
Answer: Andes mountain range

Q. What are Rift Valley?
Answer: surface cracks on parts of the surface rises and sinks below the part. Stranded section called Rift Valley.

Q. Part of the ground surface parts wakes up falling through the cracks. What part of this wake-up call?
Answer: block mountain

Q. In India, where is an example block mountain?
Answer: in Vindhyachal and Satpura.

Q. blocks to the top of mountains in general is how?
Answer: shelves

Q. Where is the biggest fault valley?
Answer: Africa

Q. Where is the world’s most extensive block mountain?
Answer: California Sierra Nevada

Q. What kind of mountain Srrikhanlaon length is in descending order?
Answer: Andes> Rocky> Himalayas> Great Dividing Range

Q. How is the construction of a volcanic mountain?
Answer: volcanic materials derived from the concentration of exclamation.

Q. What type of volcano is the shape?
Answer: conical

Q. The upper part of the volcano called?
Answer: crater

Q. When the two sides of mountains running up the center part and then remain what it says?
Answer: Horst mountain. Such as the Harz Mountains of Germany.

Q. What is the residual mountain?
Answer: Apakshyn and factors such as river erosion, wind etc. decomposed by mountains called the residual mountain. Like Vindhyachal, Aravalli, Satpura, etc. Eucalyptus.