SET 4 – SSC CGL Questions and Answers

SSC CGL Quiz Set-4 : Preparation here set-4 SSC combined graduate level exam questions and answers.

SET 4 – SSC CGL Quiz for Competitive Examination

Question 1. One tap can fill a tank in 20 minutes and another tap in 25 minutes. Both drains were kept open for 5 minutes and after that the second tap was closed. In how many minutes will the tank be fully filled?
A. 8 minutes
B. 11 minutes
C. 16 minutes
D. 18 minutes

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Answer: 16 minutes

Question 2. In a family, there is a son and a daughter for a couple. The father’s age is three times his daughter’s age, and the son’s age is half that of his mother. The wife’s age is 9 years less than her husband’s, and the brother’s age is seven years more than his sister’s. How old is mother?
A. 40 years
B. 45 years
C. 50 years
D. 60 years

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Answer: 60 years

Question 3. Arun and Baalu ​​can do a work in 9 and 12 days respectively. After starting Arun, they both work one after the other. How many days will it take to complete the work?
A. 10 days
B. 10.25 days
C. 11 days
D. 11.25 days

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Answer: 10.25 days

Question 4. In a sale, a person gains 30% on the selling price. What is his actual profit percentage?
A. 25%
B. 35%
C. 37%
D. 43%

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Answer: 43%

Question 5. Find the curve of a long circular cone of 10 cm oblique height and 8 cm height.
A. 30π cm²
B. 40π cm²
C. 60π cm²
D. 80π cm²

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Answer: 60π cm²

Question 6. The average marks of ‘p’ students in an exam is 70 and the average score of ‘n’ students is 92. The combined average is 86. Find the ratio of n: p.
A. 3: 8
B. 4: 9
C. 8: 3
D. 5: 8

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Answer: 8: 3

Question 7. A bike rider increases his speed by 1 km / h after every 30 minutes if the distance traveled in the first half hour is 30 km. , Then how much distance will be completed in 5 hours?
A. 275 km
B. 300 km
C. 345 km
D. 400 km

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Answer: 345 km

Question 8. An automobile financier claims to give a loan at simple interest, but he adds interest every half year to calculate the principal. If he is charging an interest rate of 10%, then calculate the effective interest rate.
A. 10%
B. 10.25%
C. 11%
D. 11.5%

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Answer: 10.25%

Question 9. The difference of simple interest received from two different sources for 3 years at Rs 1500 is Rs 13.50. Find out the difference between their interest rates.
A. 0.1%
B. 0.3%
C. 0.5%
D. 0.6%

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Answer: 0.3%

Question 10. A person invested his savings in two bonds by dividing two equal amounts from which he received Rs 550 from simple interest in 2 years from the first bond, and Rs 605 from compound interest in 2 years from the second bond. If interest rates remained the same in both cases, then what was its savings?
A. 1375 rupees
B. 2275 rupees
C. 2750 rupees
D. 5500 rupees

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Answer: Rs 2750

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