A to Z Abbreviations And Acronyms List of 2017 – All FULL FORMS Abbreviations

Complete List of Latest Abbreviations And Acronyms for Exams and Jobs

3Gstand for Third Generation (3rd Generation)
4Gstand for Fourth Generation
A.M.stand for Ante Meridiem (before noon)
AAAstand for Asian Athletics Association
AAFIstand for Amateur Athletics Federation of India
AAGstand for Afro-Asian Games
AAIstand for Airport Authority of India
AAOUstand for Asian Association for Open University
AAPIstand for American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
AAPSOstand for Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation
AASUstand for All-Assam Students’ Union
ABCstand for Audit Bureau of Circulations (American Broadcasting Company) (Australian Broadcasting Company)
ABMstand for Anti Ballistic Missile
ABSUstand for All Bodo Student’ Union
ABUstand for Asian Broadcasting Union
ACstand for Air Conditioner
ACstand for Ante Christum (Before Christ) Ashok Chakra Air Conditioner
ACASstand for Airborne Collision Avoidance System
ACBstand for Anti-Corruption Bureau
ACCstand for Auxiliary Cadet Corps Air Coordinating Committee
ACDstand for Asian Co-operation Dialogue Anti Collision Device
ACHRstand for Asian Centre for Human Rights
ACLstand for Access Control LIst
ACUstand for Asian Clearing Union
ADstand for Anno Domini (After Christ)
ADBstand for Asian Development Bank
ADBSstand for Advanced Data Broadcast System
ADCstand for Aide-de-Camp
ADFstand for Asian Development Fund
ADRsstand for American Depository Receipts
ADSstand for Air Defence Ship
AECstand for Atomic Energy Commission
AEOIstand for Automatic Exchange of Information
AERBstand for Atomic Energy Regulation Board
AFstand for Audio Frequency
AFCstand for Asian Football Confederation
AFIstand for Athletics Federation of India
AFMCstand for Armed Forces Medical College
AFNETstand for Air Force Network
AFPstand for Australian Federal Police
AFSPAstand for Armed Forces Special Powers Act
AFTCstand for Asia Foundation for Thermonuclear Studies
AGstand for Accountant General Attorney General
AGMstand for Annual General Meeting
AGPstand for Asom Gana Parishad Accelerated Graphics Port
AIstand for Artifical Intelligence Air India
AIADMKstand for All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
AIBEAstand for All India Bank Employees Association
AICCstand for All India Congress Committee
AICIstand for Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India