Classification Reasoning Questions and Answers

Classification Reasoning Quiz for Every Competitive Exams GS Team published here most important Classification Reasoning Questions and Answers in english for Every competitive exams like SBI, RRB, Railway, Police, Clerk, Bank IBPS and more. These questions and answers will be helpful for crack all competitive exams.

Classification Reasoning Questions and Answers (Quiz) for Competitive Exams

Q1. Choose the number which is different from others in the group?
A. 64
B. 162
C. 27
D. 144

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Answer: D. 144-Each of the numbers except 144, is a perfect cube.

Q2. Choose the word which is least like the other words.
A. Barber
B. Carpenter
C. Blacksmith
D. Tailor

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Answer: A. Barber-All except Barber requires raw material to work. Interesting isn't.

Q3. Choose or find odd word Beaker , Glass , Mug , Saucer , Cup
A. Beaker
B. Glass
C. Mug
D. Saucer

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Answer: D. Saucer-Justification: All except Saucer are used to contain liquids.

Q4. Choose the word which is different from the rest.
A. Sheep
B. Gazelle
C. Ibex
D. Shrew

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Answer: B. Gazelle - All except Gazelle are animals found in the mountains.

Q5. Choose the pair in which the words are differently related.
A. Farmer : Plough
B. Butcher : Chopper
C. Author : Book
D. Jockey : Tack

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Answer: C. Author : Book-In all other pairs, second is the tool used by the first.

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