SET 13 – Computer Questions and Answers

Computer GK Questions and Answers Set-13:- We are published here Computer General Knowledge Part-13 quiz, you can get very important knowledge in Computer GK Set-13 . These Computer GK Questions will prove to be helpful for you in the upcoming competitive exams.

Set-13 Computer Gk Quiz for Competitive Examination

Q1. Which among the following is an architecture followed by P2P?
A. Client/ server
B. Distributed
C. Centralized
D. 1- tier

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Answer: B - Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing or networking is a distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers.

Q2. What is called the process when the file is transferred from another computer to your computer?
A. Updating
B. Upgrading
C. Uploading
D. Downloading

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Answer: Downloading

Q3. Which of the following hardware device cannot be shared?
A. Mouse
B. Scanner
C. Printer
D. All of the above

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Answer: All of the above

Q4. In excel, charts are created using………..option.
A. log table
B. pie chart
C. spreadsheet
D. chart wizard

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Answer: chart wizard

Q5. Which of the following attributes is used in font tag in HTML?
A. Size
B. Face
C. Colour
D. All of the above

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Answer: Colour

Q6. What is called comments put in cells in Excel sheet?
A. Column Tip
B. Spreadsheet Tip
C. Web Tip
D. Cell Tip

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Answer: Column Tip -

Q7. What is called each box in a spreadsheet?
A. Character
B. Field
C. Cell
D. Database

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Answer: Cell

Q8. In which of the following shortcut key is used to close the active document in M.S word?
A. Ctrt+ C
B. Ctrl+O
C. Ctrl + W
D. Ctrl+ F2

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Answer: Ctrl + W

Q9. What could cause a fixed disk error?
A. No-CD-installed
B. Bad ram
C. Slow processor
D. Incorrect CMOS settings

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Answer: Incorrect CMOS settings

Q10. The problem of thrashing is affected significantly by
A. program structure
B. program size
C. primary-storage size
D. All of the above

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Answer: program structure

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