Current Affairs – 17 February 2021 Questions and Answers

Daily Current Affairs Quiz on 17th February 2021 for Competitive Exams

GS Team published here 17 February 2021 Current Affairs Quiz. These will be helpful for the upcoming SSC, UPSC, Bank, Railway, Clerk, PO exams. These current affairs make daily analysis and related india, World, Technology, and all govt news. If you have a question about, please reach out to us through a comments.

17th February – GK Quiz for SSC and Bank Exams

Who has been honored with the “Hall of Fame” award in the 20th edition of the Indian Television Academy Awards?

  • Annu Kapoor
  • Ekta Kapoor
  • Nakula Mehta
  • Divyanka Tripathi
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    Answer: Ekta Kapoor - "Hall of Fame" to Ekta Kapoor at the Indian Television Academy (ITA) Awards at the 20th edition of the Indian Television Academy Awards. The award has been awarded. He is an Indian television producer, film producer and director. He launched Alt Balaji in 2017

    According to the first report of “2021 IndiaSpora Government Leaders”, how many countries including America, UK have more than 200 Indian leadership roles?

  • 5 countries
  • 8 countries
  • 15 countries
  • 27 countries
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    Answer: 15 Countries - According to the first report of "2021 IndiaSpora Government Leaders", more than 200 Indian Leadership in 15 countries including US, UK Is in the role of. The report states that the first woman and first black vice-president of America, the oldest democratic country in the world, is also of Indian origin.

    Name the world’s first robot painter who makes a photograph after seeing the mirror?

  • I-da
  • Ke-da
  • M-da
  • D-Da
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    Answer: I-da - I-da is the first robot painter in the world to see a mirror and make a picture that looks Beautiful woman. The people who built this robot named it after the 19th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace. It is the world's first ultra-realistic robot to create paintings using its eyes and hands.
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    How many kilometers will India begin to test the astra missile this year?

  • 120 km
  • 140 km
  • 160 km
  • 180 km
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    Answer: 160 km - India will start the test of the astra missile capable of hitting 160 km from this year. India will overtake Pakistan and China with this test. Testing of the astra missiles will begin in the second half of this year and the missile is expected to be fully developed by the year 2022.

    Who has recently announced the liberalization of policies governing geospatial data?

  • Policy Commission
  • Election Commission
  • Central Government
  • Supreme Court
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    Answer: Central Government - Central Government recently aimed at promoting innovation and creating equal opportunities for public and private institutions Liberalization of policies governing geospatial data is announced. PM Modi has said that policies governing the acquisition and production of geospatial data will be made easier

    Which of the following state government has announced the construction of “Kovid Warrior Memorial”?

  • Government of Kerala
  • Government of Gujarat
  • Government of Odisha
  • Government of Punjab
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    Answer: Government of Odisha - Health and Family Welfare Department of Government of Odisha has announced the construction of "Kovid Warrior Memorial" in Bhubaneswar. Which will be for recognizing and honoring the sacrifices and services offered by Kovid Warriors. Biju Patnaik Park of Bhubaneswar has been selected for this memorial.

    Recently, who has formed a committee to prepare approach letters to strengthen urban cooperative banks?

  • Ministry of Finance
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Planning Commission
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    Answer: Reserve Bank of India - Reserve Bank of India has recently formulated an approach paper aimed at strengthening urban cooperative banks. Committee is formed. The chairman of this committee is NS Vishwanathan, former deputy governor of RBI, under his chairmanship, the committee will suggest measures to address the issue of UCBs.

    Which of the following bowlers in the country has become the first Indian to take 5 wickets in the second innings of the Akshar Patel Debut Test?

  • First
  • Third
  • Fifth
  • Sixth
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    Answer: Sixth - In the second Test match between India and England, India has won by a record 317 runs and they are Akshar Patel. In the debut test match, he has become the sixth bowler in the country to take 5 wickets in the second innings. This is the England team's biggest defeat in Asia. Earlier India had defeated 246 runs in 2016/17 in Visakhapatnam.