Current Affairs – 6 January 2021 Questions and Answers

GS Team published here 6 January 2021 Current Affairs Quiz. These will be helpful for the upcoming SSC, UPSC, Bank, Railway, Clerk, PO exams. These current affairs make daily analysis and related india, World, Technology, and all govt news. If you have a question about, please reach out to us through a comments.

GK Quiz on 6th January 2021 for Every Competitive Exams

Who has recently approved the Central Vista project to build a new Parliament building and Common Central Secretariat?

  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Supreme Court
  • Central Government
  • Policy Commission
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    Answer: Supreme Court - The 3-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court recently approved the Central Vista Project to form the new Parliament House and Common Central Secretariat. has approved. This is the dream project of Modi government. The court has approved the project with several conditions such as installing smog towers at all construction sites and using anti-smog guns as well as obtaining the approval of the Heritage Conservation Committee before starting the construction work.

    New Zealand captain Ken Williamson became the first batsman of New Zealand to score the fastest number of Test runs?

  • 3000
  • 5000
  • 7000
  • 9000
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    Answer: 7 thousand - New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has become the first New Zealand batsman to score the fastest 7 thousand Test runs. He scored 238 in the first innings in the Test match against Pakistan, with which his Test is the fourth double century. It has also been the first double century of cricket in 2021.

    Which of the following state government has issued a bird flu alert when deadly virus is found in dead crows in the state?

  • Gujarat Government
  • Maharashtra Government
  • Kerala Government
  • Madhya Pradesh Government
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    Answer: Government of Madhya Pradesh - Madhya Pradesh government recently issued a bird flu alert on the deadly virus being found in dead crows in the state of Indore Have done After Rajasthan, bird flu has also knocked in Madhya Pradesh. Recently, the bird flu virus (H-5, N-8) has been confirmed dead in Indore.

    How many km long Kochi-Mangaluru natural gas pipeline has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

  • 150 km
  • 250 km
  • 350 km
  • 450 km
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    Answer: 450 km - Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated the 450 km long Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline built by GAIL India Limited. Have done Whose transport capacity is 12 million metric standard cubic meters per day. The total cost of this 450 km long natural gas pipeline is around Rs 3000 crore.

    The Central Government has recently announced to extend the benefit of which scheme for all export goods?

  • query plan
  • Ayushman Bharat Scheme
  • Self-reliant India Scheme
  • Tax Refund Scheme
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    Answer: Tax Refund Scheme - Central government refunds tax to exporters to reimburse taxes and duties to boost declining exports of the country The plan is to expand the benefits of RoDTEP. Under the new order of this scheme, refunds will be credited directly to the books of the exporter along with the customs duty.

    Which of the following state government has recently announced the setting up of a Tamil academy to protect the Tamil language and culture?

  • Kerala Government
  • Bihar Government
  • Jharkhand Government
  • Delhi Government
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    Answer: Delhi Government - The Government of Delhi has recently announced the establishment of a Tamil Academy to protect the Tamil language and culture. Whose vice-president was former councilor N. The king has been elected. Delhi government will provide language course through Tamil Academy.

    The US has recently passed the Malala Yousafzai Act for women of which country?

  • Hindustani
  • Pakistani
  • Iranian
  • Japanese
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    Answer: Pakistani - America has recently passed the Malala Yousafzai Act for Pakistani women. Under this act, at least 50 percent scholarship will be given to Pakistani women by United States Agency for International Development between 2020 and 2022.

    In which state has the World Bank recently signed a $ 105 million project to improve waterways?

  • Gujarat
  • Maharashtra
  • West Bengal
  • Kerala
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    Answer: West Bengal - The World Bank and the Government of West Bengal have signed a $ 105 million project for the improvement of waterways in the state. West Bengal inland water transport, logistics and spatial development project will facilitate the movement of passenger and goods on the Hooghly River.