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30 October 2021 Current Affairs in English

30th October 2021 – Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answers in English

GS Team published here 30 October 2021 Current Affairs Quiz. These will be helpful for the upcoming SSC, UPSC, Bank, Railway, Clerk, PO exams. These current affairs make daily analysis and related India, World, Technology, and all govt news.

30th October 2021- GK Quiz for SSC and Bank Exams

National, States and Reports Current Affairs

Which of the following ministry has recently launched a market segment named “Green Day Ahead Market (GDAM)”?

  • Ministry of Textiles
  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  • Ministry of Education
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    Answer: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy - The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has recently made a decision to enable power generation and distribution companies to buy or sell renewable energy through open access. has recently launched a market segment named "Green Day Ahead Market (GDAM)" for the purpose.

    Which of the following cinema’s power star actor Puneet Rajkumar has passed away recently?

  • Hindi Cinema
  • English cinema
  • Tamil Cinema
  • Kannada Cinema
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    Answer: Kannada Cinema - Actor Puneet Rajkumar, who is known as the power star of Kannada cinema, has recently passed away at the age of 46. People associated with the film industry across the country have mourned his death. High alert has been declared in Karnataka in view of the possibility of his fans coming on the streets.

    Which of the following organization has recently released “The Changing Wealth of Nations 2021” report?

  • World Bank
  • Swiss Bank
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    Answer: World Bank - The World Bank has recently released the report "The Changing Wealth of Nations 2021". According to which, South Asia suffers the most in terms of loss of human capital due to air pollution. According to the report, human capital was the largest source of wealth in the world. In the year 2018, it comprised 64 percent of the total global wealth.
    Appointments Current Affairs

    The central government has extended the tenure of RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das by how many years?

  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • 4 years
  • 5 years
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    Answer: 3 years - The Central Government has recently extended the tenure of Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das by 3 years till the year 2024. His term was ending on 10 December 2021. His tenure has been extended for a further period of three years or till further orders.
    Important Days and Events Current Affairs

    Which day is celebrated around the world on 30th October?

  • World Money Day
  • World Post Day
  • World Savings Day
  • World Sports Day
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    Answer: World Savings Day - World Savings Day is celebrated across the world on 30 October. This day inspires to promote the savings and financial security of all individuals and all nations. World Savings Day is celebrated every year on 30 October across India due to the death of Mrs. Indira Gandhi on 31 October 1984.
    Business, Banking and Econmics Current Affairs

    India Post Payments Bank and which bank have signed an MoU for providing home loans to customers?

  • ICICI Bank
  • Bank of India
  • HDFC Bank
  • Canara Bank
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    Ans HDFC Bank - Under this agreement, India Post Payments Bank will handle loan sourcing and HDFC will handle credit, technical and legal evaluation as well as processing and disbursement for all home loans.

    Which of the following social media company has changed its corporate name to “META”?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Snapchat
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    Answer: Facebook - Social media company Facebook has recently changed its corporate name to "META". The company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that the company is focused on building its new metaverse. This change will bring together its various apps and technology. However, its corporate structure will not change.

    India has applied for loan from Asian Development Bank and which bank to buy Covid-19 vaccine?

  • Swiss Bank
  • World Bank
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
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    Answer: AIIB - India has applied for loan from Asian Development Bank and AIIB to buy Covid-19 vaccine. AIIB is a multilateral development bank and Asian Development Bank is a regional development bank.
    International Current Affairs

    Which of these countries has recently issued the first passport with “X” gender marker?

  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • America
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    Answer: America - America has recently issued the first passport with the "X" gender marker. It is a milestone in recognizing the rights of those who do not identify as male or female. The US took this step after the fight with Dana Zazim, an intersex worker from Fort Collins.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached which country to attend the G-20 summit?

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • America
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    Ans: Italy - Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently reached Rome, Italy to attend the G-20 summit. He will participate in the 16th G-20 summit to be held from 30-31 October. He will address the meeting of the heads of state of the G-20, an organization of the top 20 economically prosperous countries in the world, in Rome.

    US has recently announced how many million dollars of humanitarian aid for the people of Afghanistan?

  • $ 44 million
  • $144 million
  • $244 million
  • $344 million
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    Answer: $144 million - The US recently announced $144 million in humanitarian aid for Afghan refugees from Afghanistan. With this, US humanitarian aid has increased to about $474 million in 2021.

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