Geography General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Section 8

Q1. Union Carbide Company is located at
A. Bhopal
B. Mumbai
C. Delhi
D. Kolkata

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Answer: A. Bhopal

Q2. Sindri is Bihar is famous for the production of
A. Petrochemicals
B. Fertilizers
C. Explosives
D. Plastics

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Answer: B. Fertilizers

Q3. Kalgoorile and coolgradie mines are in
A. Africa
B. Australia
C. North America
D. Europe

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Answer: B. Australia

Q4. What is Great Barrier Reef?
A. A belt of Coral along the east coasts of Australia
B. A cave between Sydney and Malbourne
C. A fish found in the sea near New Zealand
D. A mine situated in Great Victoria Valley

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Answer: A. A belt of Coral along the east coasts of Australia

Q5. Lines joining places receiving equal amount of rainfall are called
A. Isohalines
B. Isobars
C. Isotherms
D. Isohyets

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Answer: D. Isohyets

Q6. The capital of Western Australia is
A. Sydney
B. Canberra
C. Malbourne
D. Perth

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Answer: D. Perth

Q7. Which of the following is the shortest day is the southern hemisphere?
A. March 21
B. June 21
C. September 22
D. December 23

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Answer: C. September 22

Q8. Which of the following plants is used for making Kaththa?
A. Accacia Arabica
B. Accacia Catechu
C. Hokkaido
D. Shikoka

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Answer: B. Accacia Catechu

Q9. The cold northern island of Japan is
A. Kyushu
B. Honshu
C. Hokkaido
D. Shikoku

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Answer: C. Hokkaido

Q10. Dandakaranya is located in
A. Northern India
B. Central India
C. North-Eastern India
D. Southern India

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Answer: B. Central India