Set 13 – Geography Questions and Answers

Geography GK Set-13 : – The questions and answers of Geography GK Set-13 below are published (Geography General Knowledge Set-13). All the Geography published in this section, Set-13 Questions and answers will be important and helpful for you in all banking and more examinations like Bank, Railways, SSC and More.etc.

Set 13 – Geography General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Q1. Which of the following rivers makes an estruary?
A. Narmada
B. Indus
C. Bramaputra
D. Krishna

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Answer: A. Narmada

Q2. In which state is NIlgiri located
A. Kerala
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Orissa
D. Andhra Pradesh

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Answer: B. Tamil Nadu

Q3. Name the pass that connects India to Lhasa
A. Nathula pass
B. Karakorma pass
C. Shipkila pass
D. Bomdila pass

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Answer: A. Nathula pass

Q4. What is referred as the roof of the world?
A. Himalaya
B. Mt.Everest
C. Pamir Knot
D. K-2

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Answer: C. Pamir Knot

Q5. Which state is the southern neighbour of Jammu and Kashmir?
A. Uttranchal
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Punjab
D. Haryana

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Answer: B. Himachal Pradesh

Q6. Name the rainiest place of the world.
A. Mawasynram
B. Cherrapunji
C. Mumbai
D. Thiruvanthapuram

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Answer: A. Mawasynram

Q7. Monsoon are
A. Seasonal winds
B. Permanent winds
C. Temporary winds
D. Local winds

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Answer: A. Seasonal winds

Q8. Which hills turn the direction of the Bay of Bengal branch of the southwest monsoon?
A. Aravallis
B. Nilgiris
C. Arakan
D. Rajmahal Hills

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Answer: C. Arakan

Q9. Mango showers occur in
A. Haryana
B. Assam
C. Kerala
D. Madhya pradesh

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Answer: C. Kerala

Q10. River Indus meets the sea newr
A. Karachi
B. Hyderabad(Sindh)
C. Kandla
D. Okha

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Answer: A. Karachi

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