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SET 3 – GK Questions for Class-3rd

Here you will check major set-3 gk questions and answers for class-3rd students all gk multiple choice questions is for class-3rd set-3 level will helpful to improve class-3rd student IQ.

Class-3rd General Knowledge Quiz Set-3

1. Where is the located The Golden Temple?
[A] Pune
[B] Chennai
[C] Kolkata
[D] Amritsar
Answer: Amritsar

2. Which planet has the most moons?
[A] Saturn
[B] Uranus
[C] Mars
[D] Jupiter
Answer: Jupiter

3. What is the name o author of Harry Potter?
[A] Neil Murra
[B] J K Rowling
[C] Jorge Arantes
[D] Jessica Isabel Rowling
Answer: J K Rowling

4. Which place is located Qutub Minar?
[A] Chennai
[B] New Delhi
[C] Delhi
[D] Kolkata
Answer: New Delhi

5. Who is the author of Jungle Book?
[A] Neil Murra
[B] J K Rowling
[C] Jorge Arantes
[D] Rudyard Kipling
Answer: Rudyard Kipling

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6. Where is located Gol Gumbaz?
[A] Delhi
[B] Mumbai
[C] Bijapur
[D] Pune
Answer: Bijapur

7. What is the name of smallest bird in the world?
[A] Bubba
[B] Scruffy
[C] Baldy
[D] Bee Hummingbird
Answer: Bee Hummingbird

8. Which is the smallest animal in the world?
[A] Cebuella Pygmaea
[B] Microcebus Berthae
[C] Lygodactylus williamsi
[D] Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly
Answer: Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly

9. How many minutes is a football match played?
[A] 50 minutes
[B] 60 minutes
[C] 70 minutes
[D] 90 minutes
Answer: 90 minutes

10. Who brings your letter home from the post office?
[A] Docter
[B] Engineer
[C] Gardner
[D] Postman
Answer: Postman


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