What is Newton’s law of universal gravitation

Everybody in the universe, attracts other body by a force called force of gravitation. The gravitational force of the earth is called gravity. The acceleration produced in a body due to force of gravity is called acceleration due to gravity (g) and its value is 9.8 m/s2. Acceleration due to gravity is independence of shape, size and mass of the body. Escape velocity is the minimum velocity with which an object just crosses the Earth’s gravitational field and never returns. Escape velocity at the Earth’s surface is 11.2 km/s. Escape velocity at the Moon’s surface is 2.4 km/s. Due to low escape velocity there is atmosphere on the Moon.
Value of g. decreases with height of depth from Earth’s surface. G is maximum at poles. G is minimum at equator. G decreases due to rotation of Earth. G decreases if angular speed of Earth increases and increases if angular speed of Earth decreases. The acceleration due to gravity at the Moon is one-sixth that of the Earth. So, the weight of a person on the surface of the Moon will be one-sixth of his actual weight on the Earth.

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