General Properties of Matter – General Knowlege


Elasticity is the property of material of a body by virtue of which the body acquires its original shape and size after the removal of deforming force.

  • A force, which changes the configuration of a body, is called a deforming force.
  • Steel is more elastic than rubber.


Pressure is defined as force acting normally on a unit area of the surface

Pressure = Force/Area

Its unit is N/m2. It is a scalar quantity.

  • Atmospheric pressure is measured by an instrument called the barometer.
  • Sudden fall in barometric reading is the indication of strom.
  • Slow fall in barometric reading is the indication of rain.
  • Slow rise in the barometric reading is indication of clear weather.
  • The pressure exerted by liquid column at the surface given as p=hdg. Where d is the density of liquid and h is height of liquid column. In a static liquid at same horizontal level, pressure is same at all points.

Atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude that is why

  • It is difficult to cook on the mountain.
  • The fountain pen of a passenger leaks in aeroplane.
  • Bleeding occurs from the ose.
  • It is difficult to breath on higher altitude due to less amount partial pressure of oxygen in air.
  • Water starts to boil below 100o
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