History General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Set 10

Q1. The first to make regular use of horses for war chariots were
A. The Egyptians
B. The Hittites
C. The Babylonians
D. The Indo-Aryans

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Answer: A. The Egyptians

Q2. By the first century A.D. the new form of Buddhism was known as
A. Mahayana
B. Hinayana
C. Vajrayana
D. Shahjyana

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Answer: A. Mahayana

Q3. Who was the ruler of Delhi when Ibn Battutah visited India?
A. Ibrahim Lodhi
B. Mohammad Ghori
C. Mohammad bin Tughlaq
D. Sultan Raziya

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Answer: C. Mohammad bin Tughlaq

Q4. Beethoven was born in
A. Germany
B. Italy
C. France
D. Denmark

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Answer: A. Germany

Q5. The president of Pakistan who signed the Tashkent Agreement after the Indo-Pak was of 1965
A. Arub Khan
B. Zulfikar Ali Bhtto
C. Mujibur Rahman
D. Yahya Khan

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Answer: A. Arub Khan

Q6. Indus Valley Chivilization was famous for
A. Urban Life
B. City Planning
C. Pottery
D. Copper work

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Answer: A. Urban Life

Q7. In January 2001 Calcutta officially becomes to
A. Culcatta
B. Kolkata
C. Kulkatta
D. Colcatta

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Answer: B. Kolkata-1 January 2001 Calcutta officially becomes Kolkata, reverting to its precolonial name.

Q8. When was “Sukhoi 30 MKI” inducted in Indian Air Force
A. 27 September 1999
B. 27 September 2000
C. 27 September 2001
D. 27 September 2002

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Answer: D. 27 September 2002-The Sukhoi Su-30MKI is a twinjet multirole air superiority fighter developed by Russia's Sukhoi and built under licence by India's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for the Indian Air Force.

Q9. Who has been appointed Governor of Maharashtra on 10 October?
A. Mohammad Fazal
B. Sri Sadiq Ali
C. Sri Prakasa
D. S.C. Jamir

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Answer: A. Mohammad Fazal-He was an Indian politician who was the Governor of Maharashtra from 10 October 2002 to 5 December 2004.

Q10. Who opens the first stretch of Delhi’s new metro system.
A. Narendra Modi
B. Manmohan Singh
C. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
D. None of these

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Answer: C. Atal Bihari Vajpayee-In 24 December Prime Minister Vajpayee opens the first stretch of Delhi's new metro system.

Q11. In 7 October 2001 ____ was sworn in as the chief minister of Gujarat
A. Narendra Modi
B. Manmohan Singh
C. Keshubhai Patel
D. None of these

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Answer: A. Narendra Modi-On 2 October 2001 Keshubhai Patel resigns his position as chief minister of Gujarat.